[volunteers] (forw) Tracking ID [15886078] (renewal of domains)

Scott DuBois rhcom.linux at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 21:41:32 PST 2015

On Mon, Feb 02, 2015 at 06:04:33PM -0800, Rick Moen wrote:
> I've recently thought of something really useful you could do.  Can you
> debug Perl and regular expressions?

Kind of, maybe. 

Sorry I'm late to the thread. I had two papers to write, a presentation to put
together, and a sick wife and kid I'm waiting on hand and foot to. 

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> Can you fix that?  Then, my automated checking will fully work again.

I'm sure it's do-able.

> You asked for a list of domains.  Here's a LUG-relevant subset of
> linuxmafia.com's /usr/local/share/domains file, which my domain-checking 
> cronjob runs through every Sunday.  Notice that .org lines are currently
> commented out on account of the regex breakage.
> #bafug.org
> #balug.org
> #baylisa.org
> baypiggies.net
> #buug.org
> #cocoaheads.org
> #eblug.org
> #lugod.org 
> #nblug.org
> #penlug.org
> #saclug.org
> sf-lug.com
> #sf-lug.org
> #socosa.org
> svlug.com
> #svlug.net   expired, available for re-registration around March 13, 2015
> #svlug.org 

Good deal. Thanks.

> Since you have shell on linuxmafia.com, you can check the details of the
> batch-mode check that runs every Sunday.  It's in /etc/cron.weekly.

I will take a look in the next couple of days. I have people already scheduling
me to spend time with them to learn 'other' new stuff related to another


> You might ask:  Why don't I ask domain-check's author, the Perlista, to
> fix his script?  He's not particularly available, for reasons I'd rather
> not go into here.

Not a concern. These things happen frequently (as I'm learning). One person's
project has now become _your_ baggage. Nature of the indiustry.

> The big thing is for SVLUG finding speakers.  Everything else is small.

That's the hardest thing to do as it requires the cooperation of others which is
beyond our control.

EFF ID: 1731778

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value"
-- Einstein
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