[volunteers] (forw) Tracking ID [15886078] (renewal of domains)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Feb 2 18:14:32 PST 2015

I wrote:

> In http://linuxmafia.com/pub/linux/network/, you will find a Perl
> utility named domain-check .  (00index.txt in that directory is a
> catalogue of directory contents.)
> The Perl was written by a fellow I knew. [...]

> $ domain-check -w -d=svlug.org
> Processing svlug.org... (NOTE: Subsequent ORG queries will be delayed by 20 seconds each due to rate limiting) No expiration date found in 'whois' output. Please report this domain to the author!

> You might ask:  Why don't I ask domain-check's author, the Perlista, to
> fix his script?  He's not particularly available, for reasons I'd rather
> not go into here.

You _could_ try reporting a .org domain to the author.  Such a request
could work if it appears to have nothing to do with yr. humble servant,
but make sure there's nothing about your request that says 'Rick is
behind this.'

Suggestion:  eblug.org would probably be a good one.

(There was a thing that happened in 2010 that involved the Perl script's
author, and was nothing *I* did, but he's pissed at me anyway.  I cannot
give you details without infringing another party's privacy, so I

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