[volunteers] Vcafe availability problem for February and May

Rick Moen rick at svlug.org
Wed Jan 7 07:50:53 PST 2015

Sarah, please find below a conversation I'm having with our inside contact 
at Symantec.  What's your personal availability looking like during
February, evenings thereof?
From: [our site contact]
To: me
I wanted to give you a heads up that there is a scheduling conflict in Feb
and May for the usual meeting room. There were no reservations made for 2015
so others were able to book the room during your time slots in those months.
I got new reservations in for the other months, so we'll be good for the
rest of the year. I'll try to find another space in Symantec for those
months but if I can't, it might be good to line up a backup location.

From: me
To: [our site contact]

Thank you indeed!

It makes sense that there's a reservation process, but we never knew about
it until now.  

1.  Do I correctly guess that reservations for an upcoming year open some
time in December?  I'd appreciate having any details you know, so I can
update our process documentation.

2.  Any chance you could grab Vcafe on basically any other weeknight in
February and/or May?  Our February speaker probably has flexible
availability (but I can confirm with her via e-mail), and no speaker May has
yet been scheduled.

If that's too much nuisance, no worries.  Worst case, it won't kill us to
skip two months.

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