[volunteers] Ansible talk (was: Speaker for January meeting)

Rick Moen rick at svlug.org
Tue Jan 6 04:07:46 PST 2015

Sarah Newman wrote:

>>> If there is nobody else lined up yet, I volunteer to give a talk titled
>>> 'Ansible: Configuration Management for the Impatient.'  Additional
>>> speakers may be added later.
>> Eh, I'm _so_ delighted you're offering this Sarah.  Speaking for myself,
>> I'd  love to see the talk.  [...]
> To be honest, Alison Chaiken's systemd talk got re-re-scheduled on top of
> svlug for January, and I would really like to be there. So if I could take
> the February slot instead of January I would deeply appreciate it.

Hi, Sarah.  As you may have noticed, I employed my keen grasp of the obvious
to solve both SVLUG's problem of a conflicting schedule with a sister group,
and SV Linux Meetup's problem of too small a room by offering SV Linux
Meetup a joint meeting in our space at Symentec for Alison's talk.  I hope 
and expect this works well for everyone, and I'm looking forward to Alison's
talk, too.

Which brings me back to Wednesday, February 4th.  I've just editied the
www.svlug.org front page to add you as (a?) speaker with that talk title.
You mentioned the possibility of addditional speakers:  Please just let us
know.  Panel discussions or multi-speaker talks often work really well, I've

Anyway, I mostly wanted to circle back and say we're pleased to accept your
offer of an Anisible talk.

And, the main point:

As you've seen, we like to also have 1-2 sentences or so of detail about the
talk and 1-2 sentences or so of detail about the spekaer.  This go onto the
upcoming meetings Web page and are mailed out to members ~1 day before
meeting day.  If you could help us with the text, that would be cool.

(One of these days, 'cool' will finally drop out of fashion, and I'll sound
like a burnd-out hippy every time I use the expression.  Author Tim Powers 
found evidence that the idiom existed in the 1700s, but, if you dared to put
that into a historical novel's dialogue, you'd need a footnote that said

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