[volunteers] Visibility & Volunteering

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Nov 9 08:34:25 PST 2013

Quoting Tim Utschig (tim at tetro.net):

> I can help out with listadmin duties if you two could use the help.

Sure, if you like.  When we talk by 'phone, I'll give you the listadmin

> Thank you very much for all the details. They will come in handy.
> For reference, I'll work on a short listadmin
> instructions/operations page attempting to cover all the
> subtleties.

The major issue for the mailing lists, as indeed for e-mail as a whole,
is spam.  Despite Marc Merlin's sa-exim setup cutting some of the
inflow, spam rains into the Mailman administrative queues all the time.
Fortunately, it also expires out without the listadmins needing to do

When/if the unmaintainable antique setup on the lists.svlug.org host at
Via.net in Palo Alto collapses (probably from hard drive failure), the
plan is to migrate its functions to the Linode virthost, which in recent
years finally has enough RAM and disk to do so.  We'll set up Exim4,
Mailman, and sa-exim in a fashion similar to Marc's setup, but updated.

Yes, we do regularly back up everything essential off lists.svlug.org.

> I'm noticing this list for the first time.  http://www.scruz.org/
> seems out of date: "NEXT MEETING: Thursday, Sep 13, 2012..."  I'm
> guessing SVLUG has been hosting the SMAUG mailing list as a
> courtesy and we shouldn't take any action simply because it is
> out of date.

It's a long story, but that user group (Smaug) effectively died last
year.  There's no reason not to keep the mailing list in case someone
wants to revive the group.  

For odd historical reasons, the group had a Web site with cranky and
obscure editing processes hosted at SourceForge.  Some years ago,
someone in the group kindly created a Drupal alternative at a Santa Cruz
ISP, which was easier for the members to deal with.  Unfortunately, in
2012, the Drupal site vanished, and I as the member running the master
DNS nameserver saw no better alternative than to point the DNS back to
the cranky SourceForge virthost.  Also unfortunately, in the years since
we (Smaug) last used it, SourceForge had changed its software in a way
that rendered the Smaug site even more difficult to maintain -- and
nobody bothered to create a better alternative set of pages elsewhere.
(I didn't insist on using the SourceForge site again; I just said I'd
point the DNS there until we had a better choice.  Nobody provided one.)

I was trying to work out the revised maintenance mechanism and make it
simpler.  In the middle of my attempting to do that, the only other
volunteer willing to help, Peter Belew, lost patience and walked away.
Seeing that, I myself decided my willingness to keep alive a group in
Santa Cruz when I don't even live in Santa Cruz has limits, so I gave up
and haven't bothered to keep maintaining the SourceForge page.  Also,
all traffic on the mailing list ceased anyway.

There is activity in the Santa Cruz area in the form of FeltonLUG, which
has a Google Group.  The SlugLUG mailing list and Web page at UCSC
exists, but like Smaug, has no activity.

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