[volunteers] Web pages' directions to Symantec Vcafe

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Nov 7 12:52:14 PST 2013

I noticed a problem lately related to our Symantec meeting space, and
keep meaning to fix it.

To find the venue, attendees must know not merely what building but also
that they must walk between the buildings next to the pool until they
see people inside and then (typically) knock on the glass.  This is
non-obvious, and our Web pages don't yet clarify.

In fact, the most-descriptive page is a little misleading when it gets

   Entrance is on the Ellis side, at the gymnasium end.


(Also, it's probably time to rename veritas,php to semantec.php, and
correct all links.  Leave a redirect page at veritas.php, of course.
Symantec devoured Veritas Software Corp. many years ago.)

(Also#2, the nostalgic mention of 'After passing National Avenue, just
past the brown building on the right that used to house Netscape
Communications, Inc.' is too antique at this late date.  Only I and a
couple of other people remember that.  It's like talking about dodos.)

We need concise wording sufficient to help someone who's never been to
an SVLUG meeting.  Suggestions?

My concern is:  Used to be, the door to Vcafe nearest the sidewalk
('gymnasium end') was unlocked.  You would walk up, say to yourself
'Hey, that looks like the cafe', open the door, walk in, and it became
obvious which way to go.  

Lately, that's been locked up, and people unfamiliar with SVLUG are
likely to encounter the first locked door, say 'I guess there's no
event', and walk off.  We need to avert this hazard.

In a perfect world, the problem could be addressed through poster
notices taped to the door glass saying 'SVLUG meeting this way ->', 
but I doubt Symantec would like or permit that.

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