[volunteers] Joker.com order receipt 52411177 for [svlug.org]

Joker.com Domain Registration Robot noreply at joker.com
Mon Aug 5 15:33:38 PDT 2013


Dear valued customer of Joker.com,

This is the Order Confirmation for 

52411177: svlug.org

Please find attached the receipt for the  order you have placed. If you have any complaints, please contact

Po Box 458
CH-6300 Zug

Please use our contact form <https://joker.com/goto/support>.

EIS AG is your contractor for the agreement concluded with this order.
Payment has been executed in advance by chosen payment method.
As application for domains is immediate, the right to revoke the agreement has lapsed.

The registration agreement is concluded for the term you requested in your order. If you do not request an
extension, there is no need to give notice of termination after the end of this term. The agreement
will automatically lapse. We will, however, notify you in good time of this by e-mail.

You can find detailed information on the agreement in the General Terms and Conditions of Business and
Registration together with any appendices as shown on the website of <http://joker.com>.

Best Regards,

your Joker.com-Team
Zug, 2013-08-06 00:33:37

Joker.com is run by
Po Box 458
CH-6300 Zug


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