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What kind of makerbot talk could be ontopic for svlug?

33. Make Me (github.com) 141 points by Pr0 15 hours ago | 31 comments




January 2, 2013 skalnik Releasing Make Me

A few months ago, GitHub HQ 2.0 got a MakerBot Replicator 2. GitHubbers
started printing almost immediately due to the easy setup but having to
leave a laptop connected was painful. We quickly learned how to print
from the SD card but then people without a way to write SD cards were
out of luck.

What we needed was for Hubot to handle talking to the printer for us. We
bundled up some open source projects on GitHub, specifically MakerBot's
fork of s3g, MakerBot's MiracleGrue, and @sshirokov's stltwalker and put
a small API on top. Today, we're releasing that as make-me!

Make-me makes it easy for anyone to print, primarily controlled by your
favorite Hubot instance. The HTTP API only allows for a single print at
a time and requires a manual unlock to help prevent others printing
while another print hasn't been removed from the build platform yet. In
addition to this, it uses imagesnap to take pictures via web cam to give
you an idea of how the print is going.

We've been using make-me to power all of our 3D printing needs including
decorating our office with various prints and making useful trinkets.

What's it look like?

Our setup at the GitHub HQ is still evolving. Ri

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