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Subject: GIT talk suggestion-  Fwd: UUASC-OC January 2013 Meeting
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I make a motion we get a talk like this at svlug.

2nd motion?

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Subject: UUASC-OC January 2013 Meeting Announcement 
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Unix Users Association of Southern California
         Orange County Chapter
           December Meeting

        Version Control with Git

       Monday, Jauary 14, 7-9 PM

             Oracle Corp.
        Orange County Office
     17901 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine
             8th Floor

MEETING TOPIC: This month we'll be hearing about Version Control with
Git from
member Anas Mughal. Here's what Anas has to say...
> With over 18 years of software development experience, I have used many
version control systems: Subversion, CVS, PVCS, VSS, SCCS, SVN and GIT.
tool improved over the limitations of an earlier tool. In contract to
earlier tools, GIT is a distributed version control system that requires
central server.
> Its distributed nature is very appealing to track changes and modifications
to any set of files on any operating system.
> In this session, high level concepts of Git will be presented. Then, I will
show why Git is well suited to track system and configuration files.
demonstrations will be conducted to show simple steps to track changes
configuration files using Git.
> Primary contact email address: anas at devsenesce.com
> Linkedin Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/anasmughal/

POST-MEETING ACTIVITIES: Join us at the Pilsner Room, within walking

AFTER HOURS ACCESS: If you get locked out, you can call Todd Jackson at
288-3287 and hopefully we can get you into the building.  Please try
to arrive before 7:00PM to avoid problems.  When you arrive on the 8th
floor you will find that the doors to the Oracle office are locked, we
cannot leave them open because it will set off the alarms.

CARPOOL INFO: If you are interested in joining a carpool with other
members, please post an email to the general list, uuasc at uuasc.org ,
requesting carpool info.

PARKING: Parking is free in the parking lot by the Pilsner room if you
stick around for the post-meeting gathering there. The lot closest to
the Oracle building is pay only, there is a 24/7 automated kiosk at
the parking lot exit.

DIRECTIONS: Exit the San Diego Freeway (I-405) at MacArthur, go north
(away from the airport) to the signal at Main Street (the first
cross-street), turn right to Gilette (the second signal on Main
Street).  Turn right onto Gilette.  At this point you can turn right
into the parking structure at McCormick and Schmick's or turn left and
enter the parking structure close to the 17901 Von Karman building.

Here's an ASCII map:

         |    Mercantile        Gilette      Von Karman
         |         v               v             v
Main -----+---------+---------------+-------------+
         |         |      Parking  |     Parking |
         |         |      Pilsner  +--------     |
         |         |               |     Oracle  |
         |         \_______________/             |
         |  /\
405 ======|=====================================
         |  \/
Airport  +--/    (all intersections shown
         |        have signals (+))

The El Torito is on the corner of Mercantile and Main and can serve as
a landmark. The Pilsner Room is at the other end of the same block,
Gillette and Main.

The UUASC is for all persons using Unix either personally or
professionally, or interested in learning more about Unix. We
recognize all varieties of Unix, including (without prejudice) HP/UX,
Linux, SVr4, Solaris, AIX, and BSD. This is a good place to meet
others with similar interests and broaden your skills and
knowledge. Generally, meetings include a technical presentation on a
hardware or software topic of current interest to the Unix community
and a round-table discussion of current topics of interest to the
group. We are always looking for interesting presentations and your
suggestions are most welcome.

Please join us this month and bring along your friends or
co-workers. Also, please forward this announcement to others who may
be interested and feel free to post it to wherever you wish, both
electronically and physically. If you receive more than one
announcement by email, please let us know so we can keep our lists
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UUASC list. For details, send message "info uuasc" to
Majordomo at uuasc.org.
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