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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Mar 30 10:45:29 PST 2011

A reminder of lingering effects from vanished SVLUG personnel's
antisocial behaviour:  2006-8 President Paul Reiber, the belligerent
alcoholic, subscribed 'president at svlug.org' to beaucoup mailing lists
and publicity services, and then walked away.

I'm still cleaning his mess.  We couldn't just blackhole
'president at svlug.org' mail; there is occasional meaningful contact.  So,
I /etc/aliases redirected such mail to Volunteers, thus landing it in
Mailman's admin queue.

I've just now unsubscribed 'president at svlug.org' from this _particular_
press release service, Astaro Internet Security's.  Or so Astaro claims.

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At your convenience, visit:

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Do you really understand cloud computing?  

Dear Paul,                           

Cloud computing has become a phrase we are all accustom to hearing, yet there are still aspects of this phenomenon that many struggle to understand. Part of the reason is the jargon that emerged along with cloud computing. Terms like "CDN", "cloud broker", "cloud sourcing" and others have no parallel outside of cloud computing and thus can cause some confusion.

During the Interop conference in Las Vegas [http://app.connect.astaro.com/e/er.aspx?s=2074&lid=137&elq=db6c9836d4114c61a3f7269b1c1cf3c7] Astaro's Jack Daniel will present "Cloud definitions you've been struggling to understand". In this presentation Jack will explain common cloud computing terminology and discuss some common misconceptions about cloud computing as well as highlight some interesting cloud technologies you and your business may not even know exist. 

The presentation will take place on:
Tuesday, May 10th at 10:15 a.m. 
Mandalay Bay Room J. 

Use priority code CNYKNL01 [http://app.connect.astaro.com/e/er.aspx?s=2074&lid=196&elq=db6c9836d4114c61a3f7269b1c1cf3c7] when registering to receive a free expo pass or 25% off a conference pass so you can see this informative presentation. Then visit Astaro [http://app.connect.astaro.com/e/er.aspx?s=2074&lid=5&elq=db6c9836d4114c61a3f7269b1c1cf3c7] at booth #960.

We hope to see you there! 

Kind regards, 

Keri McDevitt 
Channel Manager South West 

260A Fordham Rd 
Wilmington, MA 01887 | USA 
P. +1-978-974-2605 | F. -2626 
kmcdevitt at astaro.com | www.astaro.com [http://app.connect.astaro.com/e/er.aspx?s=2074&lid=5&elq=db6c9836d4114c61a3f7269b1c1cf3c7] 

Get Astaro Security for your home absolutely free. Download here! [http://app.connect.astaro.com/e/er.aspx?s=2074&lid=167&elq=db6c9836d4114c61a3f7269b1c1cf3c7] 
Learn more about Astaro products: 


e-Book: The Dark Side of Cloud Computing                           
"The Dark Side of Cloud Computing" [http://app.connect.astaro.com/e/er.aspx?s=2074&lid=139&elq=db6c9836d4114c61a3f7269b1c1cf3c7]Botnets are based on similar principles as legitimate clouds, but serve malicious business interests. Find out more about how botnets work and the right steps after having detected infected machines within your own network.                          

"Read More" [http://app.connect.astaro.com/e/er.aspx?s=2074&lid=182&elq=db6c9836d4114c61a3f7269b1c1cf3c7]                          

Jack Daniel, 
Community Development Manager                         
Jack is one of the technology community's leading activists, he supports several information security and technology organizations including NAISG (National Information Security Group), where he serves on the Board of Directors. Jack co-founded and organizes the Security B-Sides events, an ad-hoc gathering of information security enthusiasts born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment.
Read Jack's blog [http://app.connect.astaro.com/e/er.aspx?s=2074&lid=197&elq=db6c9836d4114c61a3f7269b1c1cf3c7]
Follow him on Twitter [http://app.connect.astaro.com/e/er.aspx?s=2074&lid=198&elq=db6c9836d4114c61a3f7269b1c1cf3c7]


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