[volunteers] Speaker Coordinator Introduction

Mehma Sarja mehmasarja at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 20:19:06 PST 2011

On 3/29/11 7:39 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Rick Moen (rick at linuxmafia.com):
>> I'm now doing a manual initial backup of just those 239 MB of files,
>> onto my own server:
>> # rsync -e /usr/bin/ssh -ax "lists.svlug.org:/var/local/mailman/archives/private/{carpool.mbox,jobs.mbox,officers.mbox,smaug.mbox,speakers.mbox,svlug-announce.mbox,svlug.mbox,volunteers.mbox,volunteers-old.mbox,web-team.mbox}/" /usr/local/src/rickstuff/svlug/mboxes
> [Corrected omission of quotation mark from the command line.]
> Above is now done.
> Worst case, if the mailing lists machine dies right now, we can have
> everything back in 24 hours.  As mentioned separately, we are not yet

Should we broach the replacement h/w subject? There is an Atom D510 
SuperMicro 1U machine which I may be able to pry out of my hands. 
Unrelated, I have a couple of 1 TB drives also. Suddenly, "volunteering" 
is taking on a new meaning.


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