[volunteers] Speaker Coordinator Introduction

Jesse Monroy jesse650 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 11:11:08 PST 2011

Thank you kindly for taking on this position. You will note I have 1
talk schedule, and 1 talk I am working on:

1st Topic: Something About RSS
2nd: Hard Cover, Soft Cover, & E Books

I have not completed the blurbs for the talks, but you may consider
them backup talks. That is,
if the planned speakers don't show up. I can do one of these talks.
So, if you like, you can schedule a speaker for May, 2011. I can put
my talk on hold. John Sokol, the April Speaker, is a personal friend
and his talks are usually very enlightening.

If you have any questions or discussions, I suggest we talk at the
next scheduled SVLUG meeting.


On 3/29/11, Mehma Sarja <mehmasarja at gmail.com> wrote:
> My name is Yudhvir Singh Sidhu and I've volunteered as the Speaker
> Coordinator. I've got a couple of ideas for potential speakers but am
> asking the membership and plan on pursuing your leads as well. I don't
> know any of these people/companies/products - just interested.
> a.  TABLETS - Since tablets are the current craze, Linux on tablets.
> b.  STORAGE ARRAYS - Coraid AOE - Heard one of the founders give a
> presentation once and liked it. I have an AOE array and it is easy to
> work with.
> Please suggest any ideas, specific or general. How about themes like
> "current events" - Linux activities in things like Global Warming,
> Burning Man, etc.
> Yudhvir
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