[volunteers] maintaining

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Feb 7 14:16:39 PST 2011

Quoting Larry Platzek (larryp at inow.com):

> I would volunteer to maintain the previous meeting page after being taught 
> what need to be done and given the authority to do so and the data 
> provided, plus some other things if desired.

I've just created a 'larryp' shell account on www.svlug.org with the
necessary group membership and sudo rights to carry out any maintenance
on the site.  Larry, please telephone me to get your temporary password
-- which you should change.  As always, my cellular number is

In your www.svlug.org home dir, you will note symlinks to 'www', which
is the Lighthttpd Web server's document root, and to 'site-docs', which
is an important documentation directory that you should peruse.

Here is the checklist for creating new Web Team access, which you will
find as text file 'new-user' in the site-docs directory:

Creating access for new Web Team members:

1. Create shell account using 'adduser [foo]', using a temporary
   login password.

2. Using 'vigr' and 'vigr -s', add new user to www-data group.

3. Using 'visudo', add a new line in the 'Rootful Administrators'
   line for this user.

4. Create a password entry for the user in /srv/svn/web/conf/passwd
   using the user's username as a temporary svn password (as that
   is inherently low-security, being world-readable by any shell user).
   The user can, of course, later change the svn password.  (More
   about svn usage can be found in file 'svn-instructions' in this directory.)

5. The temporary login password should be conveyed to the new Web Team
   member via encrypted or out-of-band communication methods, NOT via
   unencrypted email.  E.g.:
   a) gpg-encrypted e-mail.  Unfortunately, most people aren't used to
      doing this.
   b) voice telephone
   c) SMS texting
   d) fax
   The new Web Team member should be reminded to please change his/her
   password, and directed to learning resources:
   a)  The Web Team Instructions page, http://www.svlug.org/teams/web-team.php
   That page should house _all_ non-sensitive information a Web Team
   member needs.  If anything's missing, fix it!
   b)  Sensitive docs such as contact data for our meeting site contact
   and the historical reason why we no longer publish that contact data
   on our public Web site.  Sensitive docs go as ASCII text files in
   the site-docs directory on www.svlug.org, which are thus readable
   by anyone with a www.svlug.org shell account.
   c) Most-secret data go in the root user's home directory on
   www.svlug.org , and thus are readable only by shell users with
   root-user access.  So far, the only thing that sensitive is login
   credentials for administering our Internet domains.
   d) The Web Team and Volunteers mailing lists.

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