[volunteers] speaker status

Luke S Crawford lsc at prgmr.com
Tue Jan 19 17:24:20 PST 2010

Oy, okay, so we need someone for 3/3.    The TBA page says
that we want a hadoop thing;  I've been pestering Shevek of karmasphere-

what are your thoughts of KVM?  I'd like to hear a talk on KVM.  I'm 
pestering nolan of tile networks  (he runs a small KVM  hosting business,
but I'm mostly interested in what he has to say as a contributor to
the kvm project.  he can also speak about ethernet.)  

I've emailed some of the TBA links, and so far haven't gotten anything 
back.  (I have not emailed them all;  I'll be stepping up my 
level of aggression now that we don't have someone for 3/3)  

I was also pestering zonker harris about getting us someone
(possibly him) to speak about conserver and/or powerman (I could
also go through the opengear guy listed on the TBA page, but avoiding 
the salesperson often results in superior results.)  

How would we feel about someone speaking about DoS threats and botnets?  

Luke S. Crawford
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http://nostarch.com/xen.htm   -   We don't assume you are stupid.  

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