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Okay, long overdue. I'm lame. Here goes:

Infrastructure Memes: How spreadable concepts can create and empower

The Internet enables ideas about how communities can self-organize to
spread rapidly and globally along with the infrastructure required to
power a group, enabling "freely franchiseable" models like LUGs,
BarCamps, DevHouses, hackerspaces, etc. In this sense, the
infrastructure for the community is communicated as an idea virus, or
meme - a sort of cultural "grey goo". Maintaining a sufficient
consistency of the idea such that global community "identity" is
coherent is a challenge, leading to discussions of Community Marks and
other novel forms of trademark. Models vary wildly in this level of
control, from the Catholic Church through TEDx and all the way through
those who self-label as "anarchists". These models often lead to
friction with existing, slower-moving establishments such as
governments, to whom these forms of organization are alien and
subversive. Examples and mild historical perspective will be provided;
the talk hopes to at the least to stir discussion about effective ways
to spread positive community concepts.

2010/1/12 Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>:
> Quoting David Weekly (david at pbworks.com):
>> Apologies to be dragging my feet - this week is totally nutso for me
>> and like an overloaded router I'm dropping packets and introducing
>> latency. I'll try and get something to you today or tomorrow. Is that
>> ok?
> That would be super.  Thank you.

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