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Sat Nov 14 05:38:13 PST 2009

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Ajit Natarajan wrote:
> Rick Moen wrote:
>> Quoting Ajit Natarajan (ajitk at email.com):
>>> Third strike, I guess.  I think it is best that I not forward anymore 
>>> job ads to the LUG.  It is simply too much work.
>> Your call.  I personally don't think bothering to include the city, and
>> omitting jobs that are _very obviously_ outside the Bay Area, is "work" at
>> all, but, hey, it's your time to spend as you please.  I'm just one of
>> the poor sods who apply the (very few, very simple) rules as posted.
>> Writing carefully written, polite reject messages is a considerable
>> drain on _my_ time, by the way, and I've really not appreciated having
>> to do so in your case _over and over again_.  So, your ceasing to ignore
>> SVLUG's mailing lists rules in any fashion you choose, certainly
>> including refraining from posting, would actually be keenly appreciated.
> I understand.  I was looking at it solely from the perspective of those 
> who may be unemployed and are looking for jobs in this tough economy.  I 
> am simply forwarding what I think are relevant postings.  I am not 
> creating these postings.  So, trying to find out the specifics of the 
> job just so that every ``t'' is crossed would be extra work.  IMO, if a 
> person is interested, they will follow up with the contact.  If the 
> person doesn't want to do that, they can ignore the post.  (That is what 
> I would do if I am unemployed and looking for a job.)
> But it does not seem like it will work with this LUG.  So, it is best 
> for me to refrain from posting.
> Rick, I understand that you are enforcing policy set by someone else. 
> Perhaps whoever set this policy can chime in.
SVLUG policy is formed by its officers and active volunteers. Our policy
about posting jobs has served us well over the years. Rick's action is
consistent with our policy.
As Rick indicates in another post, Linux user groups have a pretty
strong geographic orientation. SVLUG is about Linux in Silicon Valley.
I'm sure you know of ways to post information about jobs in other areas.

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