[volunteers] The Future of Installfests -- Coordinator Needed

Andrew Fife andrewbfife at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 13 19:49:41 PST 2009

The SVLUG installfest coordinator position has been vacant for many months now.  Despite attempts to recruit new volunteers at general meetings and on the mailing list nobody appears interested.  Furthermore, attendance at the installfests is down to a hand full and there is a very real possibility that we'll loose Evergreen Valley College as our host in 2010.  

Is anyone willing to take on the responsibility of installfest coordinator?  If not we need to consider shutting the installfests down.  This isn't a problem, per se, its just a reality that interests in the group have shifted.  As a 100% volunteer run organization, if we can't find volunteers to run and manage our events than we simply can't hold them.  In lieu of the SVLUG installfest we could point folks looking for help to CABAL, assuming of course that CABAL wants the added publicity.

If no installfest coordinator volunteer steps forward, does anyone object to shutting the event down until a new coordinator is found?

As a reminder, the installfest coordinator is responsible for announcing and attending SVLUG's monthly installfest.  The installfest coordinator role need not be a technical one, its more about welcoming attendees and liaising with host to ensure that the event runs smoothly than being the responsible for answering folks install/software related questions.  


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