[volunteers] [Mailman-owner] Request to mailing list Jobs rejected

Ajit Natarajan ajitk at email.com
Fri Nov 13 12:41:06 PST 2009


I wanted to talk to you in person during the last SVLUG meeting, but 
didn't get the chance since you weren't present.  Not sure what happened 
to that meeting; the speaker didn't show up.  This was the SCSI target 
emulator session a couple of weeks ago.

Perhaps I will get to meet you in person sometime to say hello.

I will refrain from escalating this thread further.




Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Ajit Natarajan (ajitk at email.com):
>> I understand.  
> On the evidence, no.
>> I was looking at it solely from the perspective of those who may be
>> unemployed and are looking for jobs in this tough economy.
> This, too, has already been explained to you.  Just as SVLUG is not in
> Austin, Texas, SVLUG is not a general-purpose jobs board.  SVLUG is a
> Linux user group in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The (uniformly applied)
> rules for its Jobs mailing list follow logically from what SVLUG _is_.
> There are plenty of general-purpose jobs boards.  Some have been tracked
> down and linked painstakingly, by me, from the SVLUG Jobs mailing list's
> listinfo page.  SVLUG's Jobs mailing list is not a general-purpose jobs
> board.
> You don't seem to want to "get" what SVLUG is, because this has been
> explained to you a number of times.  After a while, this becomes really
> annoying, and appears to be willful.
>> But it does not seem like it will work with this LUG.
> It doesn't work with this LUG because you persist in ignoring a very
> small number of very simple rules -- and then make bullshit arguments after
> we painstakingly explain the rules to you _yet again_ that 
> we should make exceptions for you because you're trying to help people,
> even after we've said, no, that's not the way it works.
> You've wasted a great deal of my time and yours.  This is very rude.
> You should apologise for the wasteage of my time, and then (more
> important) you should stop doing that.  Finally.
> You're most welcome to continue to post to Jobs.  It has a very small
> number of very simple and obvious rules.  Or you are most welcome to not
> attempt to post there.  Pick one, and stop wasting everyone's time, please.
>> Rick, I understand that you are enforcing policy set by someone else. 
>> Perhaps whoever set this policy can chime in.
> I.e., you're making yet another play for having exceptions carved out
> for you -- this time as an attempted end-run around the moderators -- on
> some bullshit theory that we should open up the mailing list to jobs in
> Texas, jobs that aren't Linux/Unix-centric, etc.   I think that's pretty
> pitiful.

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