[volunteers] [Mailman-owner] Request to mailing list Jobs rejected

Ajit Natarajan ajitk at email.com
Fri Nov 13 12:01:38 PST 2009

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Ajit Natarajan (ajitk at email.com):
>> Third strike, I guess.  I think it is best that I not forward anymore 
>> job ads to the LUG.  It is simply too much work.
> Your call.  I personally don't think bothering to include the city, and
> omitting jobs that are _very obviously_ outside the Bay Area, is "work" at
> all, but, hey, it's your time to spend as you please.  I'm just one of
> the poor sods who apply the (very few, very simple) rules as posted.
> Writing carefully written, polite reject messages is a considerable
> drain on _my_ time, by the way, and I've really not appreciated having
> to do so in your case _over and over again_.  So, your ceasing to ignore
> SVLUG's mailing lists rules in any fashion you choose, certainly
> including refraining from posting, would actually be keenly appreciated.

I understand.  I was looking at it solely from the perspective of those 
who may be unemployed and are looking for jobs in this tough economy.  I 
am simply forwarding what I think are relevant postings.  I am not 
creating these postings.  So, trying to find out the specifics of the 
job just so that every ``t'' is crossed would be extra work.  IMO, if a 
person is interested, they will follow up with the contact.  If the 
person doesn't want to do that, they can ignore the post.  (That is what 
I would do if I am unemployed and looking for a job.)

But it does not seem like it will work with this LUG.  So, it is best 
for me to refrain from posting.

Rick, I understand that you are enforcing policy set by someone else. 
Perhaps whoever set this policy can chime in.


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