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Subject: (forw) [Mailman-owner] Jobs post from ajitk at email.com requires
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I just approved the post.

It did pose an interesting problem, though:  We enforce the requirement
on http://lists.svlug.org/lists/listinfo/jobs that listed jobs must
be "Unix- or Linux-centric".  The problem is:  Was the job write-up, 
as written, a description of such a job?

I've actually helped design and build a large Itanium compute cluster 
that, of course, used EFI, so I know what UEFI is.  So, I lookup up the
HP Integrity series:  Turns out, there are four supported operating
systems: two Unixes, two non-Unixes.

The job might involve drivers for the Unixes, or not.  I decided to 
let it through.

But my larger point is:  Ordinarily, we expect the job write-up to make 
clear that this is a Unix- or Linux-centric job.  If there's doubt, we
usually send it back.

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Subject: [Mailman-owner] Jobs post from ajitk at email.com requires approval

As list administrator, your authorization is requested for the
following mailing list posting:

    List:    Jobs at lists.svlug.org
    From:    ajitk at email.com
    Subject: urgent requirement for EFI contractors
    Reason:  Post by non-member to a members-only list

At your convenience, visit:

to approve or deny the request.

Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 10:13:37 -0700
From: Ajit Natarajan <ajitk at email.com>
To: jobs at lists.svlug.org
Subject: urgent requirement for EFI contractors


HP has an urgent requirement for EFI contractors.

Job location:    Cupertino, CA
Job description: Triage, troubleshooting, and QA of the UEFI Drivers for
                 I/O on Integrity Servers
Contract length: All contracts are subject to 3 month durations and

If you have EFI experience and are interested, please send your resume to 
Robert Gennaro <robert.gennaro (at) hp.com>.



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