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Ryan Hsu ryan at airlink101.com
Wed Oct 7 17:19:22 PDT 2009

To Whom it may concern,

Hi my name is Ryan from AirLink101 we are proud to notify you that we 
have some new wireless N products that are compatible with Linux.  I 
know that you guy are wondering what is AirLink101 you might of heard of 
our name before at Fry's.  Though you might think we are some cheap 
alternative to the other big names but in actuality our products are 
very comparable to the big names if not better in some ways.  We are 
always striving to better our products.  If you have the time and chance 
please take a look at our website airlink101.com <http://airlink101.com> 
so that you can see what type of products we provide.  If you have a 
questions please feel free to contact me.  I am looking forward for more 
Linux users using our products.  Please feel free to give me any 
feedbacks on your opinions about our products and if you have used our 
products before I would like to hear yo comments.  Also please spread 
our name AirLink101. Thanks.

Best Regards,

Ryan Hsu
510-933-1687 Tel:
510-360-0818 Fax
ryan at airlink101.com

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