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john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Tue Jun 23 17:00:14 PDT 2009

Hi Nazmul  :)  Here are a couple opportunities for you (& anyone) to
a) Join interesting GNU(Linux) & free SW meetings without having to attend physically, &
b) enjoy making some volunteer part time contributions to the Free SW / GNU(Linux) communities:

Join the global Free SW HW & Culture VOIP meetings of BerkeleyTIP

There are even some people in WPLUG (Western Pennsylvania LUG) who've been interested in attending the BTIP meetings - maybe you all could get a local in person group together to join with the Global BTIP meetings. :)

Part of the reason I'm responding to your message here is cause I'm not only a 10 year member of SVLUG, but have worked volunteering for SVLUG in the past to try to enable something similar to what you mentioned - "is there any way i can join meeting without physical ?"  I worked making some video recordings of SVLUG meetings so people could learn the content from the meeting without having to attend physically.  [Unfortunately, I was never able to make the time to get the recordings online.  :( ]

But, to enable the global Free SW HW & Culture community to meet "live", I  started the Global BTIP meetings last year - which are _much_ better than mere video recordings. :)  We have people joining the meeting via VOIP (& IRC) from around the US, & also Germany, England, Iran & India so far [we just had someone join from Canada this past meeting :) ], & I haven't yet even gotten to my planned steps of getting announcements yet to global LUGs! :)

BTW, the voice clarity is absolutely perfect from people all around the globe - it's as clear as speaking to someone in the same physical room.  :)

We have many interesting UNIX/linux admin opportunities:

1) We just got our own Asterisk VOIP conference server box online, & have many interesting improvements we'd like to do - ex: get a web status page showing who is in the conference, like a nic list in an IRC channel; get a live global map showing where people are connecting from, etc.

2) This year one possible goal is to move to our own web site & mailing list, from Google sites & groups.  Skills like Apache, Drupal, Mailman, etc, would all be welcome contributions to BTIP.

3) Live video/webcam would be the next step up from VOIP,

4) A live "speaker" audio or video stream (maybe ustream.tv ?) would be great to implement - We just had Richard Stallman as an IRC "speaker" last month.  We plan to have other exciting live speakers with audio & video streaming.

So, if SVLUG doesn't have a need for your skills now, i invite you (& everyone) to join the global, leading, Free SW HW & Culture group, BerkeleyTIP, enjoy communicating with people around the world, & maybe make some volunteer contributions.  [It's also a great way to get new skills to add to one's resume.]  -  We'd be glad to have you (& everyone interested in those topics) join in with our global community.

Our next global VOIP meeting is on July 4, 2009, Saturday, 1.5 weeks from today.  [You can see a little mini call for volunteers announcement for a  special event party get together in Berkeley for everyone on July 4, which I just posted to the main SVLUG mail list.]

Join our main mailing list, say "hi", & let us know what you're interested in.  :)

I hope to hear from you there, & live online at the meetings. :)

On Sun, 21 Jun 2009 21:03:12 -0700, "mark" <mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us> said:
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> nazmul islam wrote:
> > Currently i am in pittsburgh,PA . i was in bay area last year and trying
> > to move bay area again . is there any way i can join meeting without
> > physical ? i really want to join with you and love to work .
> >  
> > Farhan
> Hi Farhan,
> My opinions here are my own and others may offer other or maybe even
> similar opinions.
> First of all, LUGs are pretty much local affairs with most meetings and
> talks being in physical buildings with speakers who are actually
> present. Second, system administration has, at times, the requirement to
>  have hands on the computer. Like right now as we are starting to build
> a new system, retire the old system at least for a while (other than the
> old disk drive the hardware is probably fine), and then install the new
> system in the data center. So we need local hands on. We do have people
> who have volunteered to help with the new system and work is underway.
> Perhaps you could get involved with the LUG local to where you live, or
> start one. Or propose some sort of collaborative project with SVLUG.
> Again, thanks for your interest and offer to help.
> Mark

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> >> On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 03:58 +0000, nazmul islam wrote:
> >> > Hi Rick,
> >> >
> >> > I have a member of lug volunteer team from last two year . I am
> >> > unix/linux admin . I have some free time after my office job and
> >> > willing to work any system related work . Let me know . How i can join
> >> > with you ?
> >> >
> >> > Farhan
> >> Hi Farhan,
> >> Thank you for your offer to help.
> >> A good first step for you would be to get acquainted with us at our
> >> regular general meetings and maybe also at the CABAL meetings.
> >> Perhaps you know some of us already.
> >> We look forward to visiting with you.
> >> Mark

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