[volunteers] 2 Speaker Announcements per Month?

Andrew Fife andrewbfife at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 8 11:12:33 PDT 2009

Hi Folks:

The recent norm at SVLUG has been to announce speakers on the announce list once per month.  And due to the nature of the busy schedules of an all volunteer run organization, these announcements often happen the day before or the day of the general meeting.  

Would anyone be opposed to shifting towards a system of two announcements?  The first announcement would be made several weeks in advance and the second would be more of a "reminder" notice.  

The goal of the adding the second announcement would be to increase attendance at meetings by helping members to plan a bit further in advance.  While the web team does a great job maintaining the general meetings page with upcoming speakers, many SVLUGers may not be aware of it or may not think to check it.  

If folks are not opposed to this, I'll get an announcement out for the July meeting over the next couple of days.



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