[volunteers] Linux Event Database on openDesktop.org

Frank Karlitschek frank at opendesktop.org
Wed Jun 3 08:26:02 PDT 2009

Hi everyone,

we from the openDesktop.org team saw this mailing list on www.linux.org/groups. As you may know openDesktop.org is one of the biggest online communities, social networks and portals for the free desktop movement where developers, artists and users can share applications, tools, wallpapers, sounds, icons, themes and other artwork and stuff for the open desktop. Please keep in mind that openDesktop.org is the umbrella page of a whole network that summarizes the content from our other sites such as KDE-Look.org, KDE-Apps.org, GTK-Apps.org, GNOME-Look.org and many other similar sites. 

Since Friday last week we have implemented an event system for our users. We think that this is an excellent possibility for Linux User Group such as you are practicing to organize and to plan meetings and conferences. It provides you an easy way to register new LUG events, to achieve an overview of coming visitors, to meet new Linux people. New events get automatically displayed to interesting and interested people nearby the event itself so that you can reach and even find new members and participants for your meeting or local group via openDesktop.org. Users can obtain information about your meetings, can become familiar with the location (thanks to OpenStreetMap integration) and see other participants. Friends of the participant receive via the newsfeed notes about the events. Your LUG can create a group to discuss new meetings and find new members who don't read mailing lists or know about your LUG's homepage. Viral marketing for your LUG meeting!

Export of recurring LUG meetings as a RSS feed is also on our road map, it should be finished in the next few weeks. This enables you to embed this RSS feed on your LUG's homepage without worrying about accurately timed calendar entries on each site. 

Export possibilities for Evolution and Kontact/Kalendar are also going to be evaluated by us.

Furthermore the event system is going to be part of the “Social Desktop” a cross desktop idea to bring the power of online communities and group collaboration to desktop applications and the desktop shell itself. (look here for more information: http://dot.kde.org/2009/05/01/social-desktop-starts-arrive)

We would be glad if we could welcome you soon on openDesktop.org!

Please find under [http://www.opendesktop.org/events www.opendesktop.org/events] our event database. Of course it's also reachable via KDE-Look.org or GNOME-Look.org reachable because data are shared between our sites.

A last note:

Please don't understand this as a kind of spam or advertisement. We just want you to inform about openDesktop.org, its features and possibilities for you. One of the strongest assets of the free software community is its worldwide community of contributors and users who believe in free software and who work hard to bring the software and solutions to the mainstream. The strengthening and enhancing of the social component inside the communities is one of openDesktop's main goal. In the end we're also Linux users who want to support the community and provide them the tools to growth and to structure the whole mass. Additionally we think that being better connected is one of the critical necessity to reach this goal.

PS: Please note that I'm not subscribed to the mailing list, therefore add me please to cc when you reply, thanks!

Best regards,


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