[volunteers] (forw) sv_lug - Google Groups: Message Pending

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu May 21 17:13:32 PDT 2009

Looks like our esteemed ex-president has changed the
sv_lug at googlegroups.com configuration to make the interminable stream of
nagmail messages come directly to _me_ at my own machine.  You may
recall that he formerly had them flooding the Mailman queues at SVLUG's
mailing lists -- which I put a stop to by blocking them at
lists.svlug.org's SMTP server, making the SMTPd refuse them with 550
permanent rejection messages.

Mr. Ex-President might possibly have noticed that those messages were
being refused, and decided to redirect them straight towards me,
instead.  (I have no direct evidence of that.  I really know only that 
I started being deluged with this bullshit today.)

Man, what a huge amount of gratuitous hassle Mr. Reiber's bright idea
has turned out to cause everybody but him.

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