[volunteers] Jordan Gray Confirmed for SVLUG in October

Andrew Fife AFife at untangle.com
Thu Apr 9 19:48:58 PDT 2009

SVLUG Volunteers:

This is a quick note to let everyone know that Jordan Gray (cc'ed) has agreed to give a talk and demo of DJing in Linux at SVLUG's October 7th meeting.  Jordan's preso at BALUG last month was excellent!  

As the demo naturally includes music, Jordan will need speakers in addition the projector setup.  Is anyone willing to provide speakers?  Also, Jordan is willing to take public transportation as close as he can get to Symantec's office in Mountain View, but will likely need a lift to and from the closest Caltrain station.  Is anyone willing to pick up and/or drop him off?


Andrew Fife

650.425.3327 desk
415.806.6028 cell

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