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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
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This is being sent out to all the technical user groups in the Bay Area.
It's essentially a Sun-sponsored Java conference.

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Subject: Invite Your Group to the CommunityOne Conference: 70+ sessions on
	FOSS, Cloud, and More

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Silicon Valley Linux User Group

Join us for three jam-packed days of education, innovation, and exchange at
the third CommunityOne conference in San Francisco from June 1-3. Come
together with fellow developers and technologists to evaluate dozens of
open-source projects currently powering leading Web companies, transforming
enterprise IT, and enabling next-generation computing.

This is a great event to offer to your members. The main conference on
Monday is free, but space is limited so register today! Please ask your
members to use this priority code when they register: C1WA57.

Check out the sessions, and learn more:

Also, go to our wiki to grab banners and blurbs that you can post on your
Web site or calendar page.

We look forward to hosting members of your group at CommunityOne!

The CommunityOne Team

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