[volunteers] Carpool mailing list... er... progress report

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Apr 5 00:43:49 PST 2009

A year ago, I wrote:

> I'll put a note on my calendar to discuss with y'all that mailing
> list's status in a year.

My how time flies!  

The status of the Carpool mailing list is unchanged.

Paul Reiber created it some time in 2007.  There's been exactly one
posting ever, in April 2008, when Kai Sandoval asked:

   Is anyone on the svlug carpool email list???

There are six subscribers (including Kai).  None of them seems to have 
anything to say.  One of them has a very interesting e-mail address, in
the domain kishlug.ir, which is the Linux user group on Kish Island,
Persian Gulf, Iran.  (See:  http://www.kishlug.ir/)

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