[volunteers] Posting from Sacramento LPI office

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Apr 2 16:27:51 PST 2009

I'm about to approve for this mailing list an e-mail sent from an LPI
(http://www.lpi.org/) representative in Sacramento, that he sent to
"president at svlug.org".  As usual, I'm doing this not because I endorse 
his offer or think it's necessarily of interest to this mailing list's 
subscribers, but rather because it's a genuine, non-spam inquiry to
SVLUG, sent to one of our public contact addresses.  In other words, 
if a mail looks like a real, non-junk inquiry to SVLUG, I'm likely to
approve it.

Currently, this mailing list is where legitimate[1] postings land, if
they're addressed to president, vice-president, publicity,
publicity-team, speakers, speaker, av-crew, and all-volunteers -- all of
which are points of contact for reaching SVLUG, that have been
publicised at various points.  We've learned that hard way that making
those "role" accounts be aliases pointing to individuals' mailboxes 
often directly leads to critical mail going unread.  For example, when 
J. Paul Reed was president, almost all e-mail addressed to "president"
went completely unread, because he made procmail shovel it into an mbox
that he then ignored.  That included _months_ of warnings from Drew
Bertola that SVLUG needed to remove its server from his Hurricane
Electric colo closet -- with the result that all of us were completely
surprised when he pulled the plug.

So, if you don't like some of the queries I approve, sorry about that,
but that's part of what this mailing list is for.  The fact that I let
through anything that's even half-way defensible is your reassurance
that I'm not censoring incoming mail, except to block spam and other 
incontrovertible junk.

What is LPI?  Linux Professional Institute is the best-known professional
certification agency for Linux sysadmins and programmers.  It's a
respected non-profit.

[1] The reason illegitimate, e.g., spam/malware postings don't also 
land here is that I don't approve them.

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