[volunteers] lost faith in SVLUG

Warren Turkal wturkal at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 10:23:28 PST 2007

Hello everyone,

Due to the inability of SVLUG to maintain a culturally positive
environment on its mailing lists and at the live meetings, I have
decided to end my organizational participation with SVLUG. This
announcement means the following:

1) I will not be participating in the committee that is producing a
recommended set of  bylaws to be approved by the membership.
2) I am taking myself out of the running for VP.
3) I will no longer be sponsoring the events happening at my place of work.

Due to #3, SVLUG will need to find another sponsor for their events at
Google if they wish to continue meeting there. Leslie Hawthorne is the
person to contact for help here. Please contact me privately if you'd
like her contact info.

This decision has really stressed me out over the last few weeks.
SVLUG has recently been crippled by an inability to make decisions. To
me, the group seems like it has no direction and is full of conflict.
I have generally been involved in LUGs to educate others about the
FOSS community and to create a positive social outlet for the members.
IMO, the culture of SVLUG right now is anything but positive.

I have no intention to stop participating in the FOSS community, and I
will be thinking about how I want to continue to do so over the next
few weeks.

BTW, the Jan. 15 kernel walkthrough will go on as promised at Google.
After that, I will not be sponsoring any more SVLUG events until I see
significant positive change.


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