[volunteers] third wednesday events

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 17:12:39 PST 2007

If we had another field-trip planned for this month, it would be for
tonight - the third Weds. of the month.  We don't - so no worries -
no-one's missing anything... I just wanted to use that as a seque to
the following.

Andrew Fife and I, and some others, have been discussing implementing
a "professional series" of meetings for SVLUG - wrapping together the
fieldtrip idea with the idea of investigating how professionals are
using Linux in enterprises.  I perceive this facet of Linux to be
under-explored within SVLUG today; our hobbyist/individual level focus
has, for example, dissuaded at least a few organizations from even
attempting to send speakers our way.  They know BayLISA to be focused
primarily on the professional side of Linux, and assume SVLUG is just
as equally focused only on the hobbyist side of Linux.

I'd like to help change that perception with the introduction of the
"Professional Series" meetings.  The goal is to have meetings similar
to the main meeting, but focused on how Linux is being leveraged in
corporate environments.  We can tweak both the name and the goal of
this a bit; nothing's cast in stone.

I'm interested in both constructive criticism and in recommendations
for speakers/venues for this new series of meetings.


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