[volunteers] The 2230 formerly (and presently) known as brie

Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us
Wed Dec 19 00:45:51 PST 2007

On Tue, 18 Dec 2007 17:18:47 -0800, Edward Cherlin wrote:

> Daniel reports copying 12 files. Where to, Daniel? Who should know about them?

The number I actually reported was eight, which ended up being incorrect
after I reported it, and I have not communicated further. The tarball I
prepared contains eighteen files, but some of them were generated in the
process, and therefore don't really qualify as having been "copied." I
will not publicly post the tarball because the shadow file is in it, but
I'll e-mail it upon request.

> Either Daniel will do this, or he will provide the desired map to
> Clement to do it. Unless somebody else wants to join the discussion.
> We won't wait long to hear from you, though.

Huh? I never suggested that I'd play that role in _your_ implementation of
the plan. I was under the impression you had that covered already. I could
contribute to a discussion, but you have the hardware, and the final say.

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