[volunteers] Apologies, and a hope for happy holidays

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 00:01:55 PST 2007

Perfectly argued.

Mr. Moen, I'm truly sorry.   I guess in your mind, (and undoubtedly in
the minds of some others) I've been quite a prick recently... it's
hard, with what limited amount of time I've got to put into this gig,
to separate those truly interested in SVLUG's best interest from those
solely interested in their own best interests. Being an asshole had
some serious ROI, so it was worth it.  Heather and you are only a few
steps away from working with each other productively, unless one or
the other of you makes a really bad move (and I think you're both
smarter than that)

 I had you on the wrong side of that line for a while... but, as I've
said to you face-to-face, I misjudged you.  I welcome your efforts,
for SVLUG's best interest... even if they're "not in support of my

I'll remained focused on achieving my goals with SVLUG, and not get in
you way as you run/administer/help however you see fit.  I guess, even
though I'm President, this really is your LUG as much as it's anyones,
given the years of contribution you've put into it.

As an aside, I think that the "years of contribution" aspect truly
_needs_ to be laid into the definition of what SVLUG's governance.  I
think a "Steering Committee" with say a half-dozen long-time SVLUG
volunteers on it is a REALLY GOOD IDEA.  I'd love to implement things
like that - but I can't even do simple things like appoint a VP so it
doesn't seem likely that anything more substantial like that would
even stand a chance.

My hopes remain, during the final quarter of my "mis-administration"
or my "potempkin village" or whatever you wanna call this... to help
SVLUG begin to become what it needs to be for the next few decades -
an educationally focused community resource.

I'll be stopping into various SVLUG events this week but won't be fully engaged.

I wish you Happy Holidays, and look forward to making progress on
things next year.


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