[volunteers] svlugdomain@ and Joker stuff (was: More on the SVLUG Domain)

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 16:39:26 PST 2007

Heather wrote:
> While it is true that I *tried* to make it utterly clear that the long mail
> I sent included my concerns of a private nature and these things do not
> belong in a public space...

Again I'm sorry about that.  I added the volunteers list just before
hitting "send",
thinking "better to share this" and, yes, not thinking about what I'd read early
on in your email.

 > Since it's been brought up, *without* the details, the offer was for four of
> to meet at some public space that has a live internet connection, ideally
> some food, and for the small batch of us to resolve it like gentlemen.
> Now, back to the matter at hand, domain stuff.  Pick a place.  It will be a
> work party, it must have internet, and there are some specific people I want
> present.  If you cannot all trust yourselves in a room without getting at
> each other's throats, in my not so humble opinion, it can wait til next year.

Awesome idea.  I'm for it 100%; it'll be easy to "fix" if we're all
there together.
However... Yes, I think this _can_ and _should_ wait till next year though.

> I planned a basic box serving a very non-basic moin with a beautiful
> penguin-gold SVLUG theme.  Since I can do that portion of development
> without brie in my lab, it can go in Ed's, and more power to *us* - SVLUG.

Yup.  &... thanks for your efforts - everyone else might be mad that Brie
sat there for a while... but I'm not... it's _just_ a computer...


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