[volunteers] The 2230 formerly (and presently) known as brie

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 15:53:09 PST 2007

> At least in my case, that was very much the case. I'm pretty sure that for
> others, it was even more the case, since I actually performed the RAIDing
> to your crap specifications over the objections of most everybody else. I
> very much regret that.

Well... hell.  I regret that you guys didn't show me what made _more_ sense
than what I was proposing.  If I saw a better answer _anywhere_ than what
I(/we!?!) came up with... I'd have gone with it in an instant.

RAIDing old drives with unknown remaining service time makes SENSE to me;
counting on them without that makes less sense... beyond that, it was all about
the devil being in the details.

> > Re: the JBOD - it sucks a _lot_ of power and doesn't get us much.
> > There are 8 (7 working IIRC) 36GB scsi drives in it, so it's not like it's
> > got multiple terabytes of storage or anything.
> Yes, and it sucks power that we do have available in a truly unlimited
> supply, except for courtesies you personally have been extending on
> SVLUG's behalf to Via.net, apparently despite their insistence that the
> courtesies were unnecessary.

Quite to the contrary - Mary's mentioned that _most_ organizations with
"free" hosting there _do_ provide some funds to help cover their
electrical bills.

> The possibility of superseding the JBOD device's potential with more modern
> hardware in no way negates, by itself, usefulness of the JBOD device to SVLUG.


> > What we could achieve by adding a few modern lower-power terabyte-plus
> > sized drives to the existing unit - or even replace the existing internal
> > relatively-small drives - far exceeds what we'll be able to achieve with
> > the JBOD.  Money for the drives is _not_ a problem so let's not make it one.
> The most spacious single drives currently manufactured are 1TB, so the
> "terabyte-plus" speculation is baseless. All such drives are equipped only
> with SATA interfaces. The currently [mal]functioning production server has
> absolutely nothing wrong with its hardware, which turns out to be slightly
> less unsuitable for the virtualization solution than brie. Once it's
> decommissioned, its single PATA hard disk may be retired in favor of two
> of the 1TB SATA drives you have so graciously offered to personally donate
> on SVLUG's behalf, and it may be redeployed in its new role. Of course,
> since that hardware predates SATA, it may need a SATA interface card,
> which should retail for around $9 ($8.99).

Other than the inference that I' m personally donating money for those, I agree.

If you're interested in learning _where_ the money/drives might come
from, I suggest
recommending yourself for the role of treasurer, wherein you'd get to
be involved
with that aspect of SVLUG.

> > ...yes, they're working on ensuring we layer in a VIRTUALIZATION SOLUTION
> > onto Brie as well.
> No, nobody's working on doing that to brie, and nobody ever will.

Hrm... is the devil in the details here again?  I don't care _which_
physical computer
does what.  I care that we (1) fix what's broken right now and (2)
deploy the right solution
for the future.  A virtualization framework's part of (2)... even if
that means I have to install
it and configure it somewhere myself.

> When all is said and done, you will not have ANY shell login on any SVLUG
> VM or machine, save for one VM not otherwise used, where you will be root.
> It shall have the hostname "havarti," while its sister VM which you won't
> be able to touch shall be "cheddar." Tentative hostname for the "reborn"
> current server is now "roquefort," despite Lisa's strong preference for
> using "swiss," with my second choice being "neufchâtel."

Really?  Not the understanding I have w/ Ed...  We have to talk, Daniel.
That's clear from the above.  I'll be calling Ed, and meeting with some others
this week; maybe you and I need some face time as well?

> I'm sure all the volunteers would agree on being gladder if you were less
> a part of it all.

If they get stuff DONE that works for me.  I've said before - I'll be
happy to stand
in the corner with a pointed hat on my head if it means the volunteer crew will
start working together.

I've had to employ a boatload of tricks, including being quite an
asshole, to get you
all to band together at ALL.  I hope that banding-together energy improves over
the holidays.


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