[volunteers] svlugdomain@ and Joker stuff (was: More on the SVLUG Domain)

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Mon Dec 17 12:43:18 PST 2007

On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 06:38:02AM -0800, Mark Weisler wrote:
> On Sunday 16 December 2007 23:00:17 Paul Reiber wrote:
> > > Heather, I do appreciate all the help you have given SVLUG in so many
> > > realms including this domain issue. While it would be nice to see SVLUG
> > > become exemplary, I think taking care of basics like the domain
> > > information is an important prior step. Seems this would take less than
> > > an hour or so but please let us know if that is not the case. Thanks
> > > again.
> >
> > "us"?  Can you be more specific, who is "us" in the above?
> The "us" refers to the discussants, the people to whom Heather sent mail 
> initiating this discussion. (Please see below.)
> >
> > Mark, please don't place demands or limits  on other volunteers
> > efforts, or even define or worry about other volunteer priorities,
> > unless you're interested in maybe having me appoint you as VP so you
> > could have responsibilities and authorities regarding all of that
> > stuff.
> Yes, I'm essentially asking for an estimate of the time it would take to put 
> the domain issue in order. As you point out, I'm not in a position to "place 
> demands or limits  on other volunteers" nor am I doing so. 
> By the way, the above discussion was initiated by Heather in attempt to 
> resolve some of the  domain issues. She explicitly wanted this discussion 
> kept out of the 'volunteers' list. She said..."... it has been loudly 
> expressed that the volunteers@ mail is
> public space. ?Ergo, this is not public mail. ?I'm sorry to have to be
> so blunt about it." She went on to discuss some domain issues.
> Why have you violdated her request and taken this matter public on the 
> volunteers list? It's a matter that can be resolved by a smaller number of 
> people just as Heather has attempted.
While it is true that I *tried* to make it utterly clear that the long mail
I sent included my concerns of a private nature and these things do not
belong in a public space...

...it is also true that those private matters have not been bled, so I guess
that's not too horrid - merely rude.

...it is also true that I want to see the domain matters solved...amicably...

...and frankly the three people who I cc'd had the most technical content
regarding the topic, and have been the least amicable.

Since it's been brought up, *without* the details, the offer was for four of
to meet at some public space that has a live internet connection, ideally
some food, and for the small batch of us to resolve it like gentlemen.

If people aren't willing to be gentle yet, there are things that need fixing
which, quite frankly, I can't help you all with, and I despair. 

I am willing to attempt to fix them anyway, as long as I believe that we can
actually get it fixed in a sitting instead of devolving into did-didn't.  So
far as this list is full of anger and intrigue, it is worthless to my own
in-person volunteer efforts.

> > efforts
> >
> > Your actions _after_ resigning your officer position are more VP-ish
> > than anything you did _before_ that - what's up with that?
> Thank you for the invitation to public discussion but I'll deferr that for 
> now.
> >
> > -pbr
> Rather than move the whole discussion of the domain management here 
> (volunteers), I'll just say that I think it can be put in order with less 
> than an hour of work.
There's been enough "discussion" to sink a tanker in the bay, most of it not
very nice.

What needs to happen is some work around here.  

....I fully expect that to cause a certain firebrand to start flaming me, so
I'll pre-defend.

It is true that I couldn't get the *specific* work done on brie due to lack
of free time, and lack of positive motivation, and lack of direct help.  Ed
offered direct help.  He actually offered it a couple months ago in person
at the meeting; I took him up on it more recently because he has real time
and I do not, and I was finally willing to admit that.

The only success I'd really had with it is to detangle brie itself from the
much benighted RAID.  The only "untangle" to be involved with that *so far*
was my success and *untangling* it from the RAID alone, it could boot.  It
had other issues, whichEd and his fine son are making some effort to solve.

I do NOT think that continuing pitch-a-bitch games among us solves anything
at all. Past is past and immutable.  Look at future.

All this other stuff that RIck is making up - or Paul hoped for - or that
anyone else has considered since - are not what I had any plan to do.
I planned a basic box serving a very non-basic moin with a beautiful
penguin-gold SVLUG theme.  Since I can do that portion of development
without brie in my lab, it can go in Ed's, and more power to *us* - SVLUG.

Now, back to the matter at hand, domain stuff.  Pick a place.  It will be a
work party, it must have internet, and there are some specific people I want
present.  If you cannot all trust yourselves in a room without getting at
each other's throats, in my not so humble opinion, it can wait til next

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