[volunteers] (forw) Re: [svlug] POLL- server availability

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Dec 16 20:01:15 PST 2007

I wrote:

> FYI.  [...]

And while you're pondering the wisdom of SVLUG's president telling the
administrator of two of SVLUG's four domain nameservers to "refrain from
logging on to _any_ svlug [sic] machines", I figure I should also fill
in our volunteers on some _other_ news he hasn't seen fit to pass along:

Paul Reiber wrote in response to Marc MERLIN <marc_news at merlins.org>:

> The smaller one's had a lot of work done on it to prep it - and
> volunteers have been taking whatever time they've needed to do their
> parts.   I'm happy with their progress... I expect others can likewise
> take a wait-and-see attitude.

In (alleged) response to me, he wrote:

> It's no secret, however, Mr. Moen, as you're quite aware already, who
> the volunteer is who's been working on Brie recently, and what her
> goals were.  Don't fear using her name; she's a VOLUNTEER on the team
> right beside you (if you can consider what you're doing right now as
> being a volunteer at all; difficult to assess at the moment).
> Here, I'll help - her name's spelt  H-E-A-T-H-E-R.

The above great and glorious tidings from the Reiber Potemkin Village
notwithstanding, it turns out to be just not so:  The Marc Merlin-donated
machine in question, a bog-standard VA Linux Systems model 2230 2U, a
2x700MHz PIII, built with an Intel L440GX+ motherboard with all four RAM
slots filled with 128 MB ECC PC100 sticks, and 2x9GB + 2x18GB SCSI hard
drives, is reported (1) unbootable, (2) sitting in _Ed Cherlin's_ house
(not Heather's), and (3) having nothing at all done to it, with no work

So much for the secret UML + Untanngle + MoinMoin project at Heather's
house and the bits about "a lot of work done to pretp it" and "happy
with their progress" -- though, oddly, nobody's until this moment
bothered to brief the membership.

The VA Linux Systems model 9008 JBOD with 1/2 terabyte of RAIDed SCSI
hard drives, which Reiber insists SVLUG has no use for and offered to
me, only to become silent when I said "Great, just tell me when and
where", is said to be sitting unused in the Via.net rack.

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