[volunteers] Who's confused, Mr. Reiber ?

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 15 04:24:51 PST 2007

Terribly sorry Warren but I will not neglect my constituency who hath been wronged and its not necessarily personal but historical.  Hiding the dirty laundry will ultimately destroy us, especially since we really do seem under attack from a vaguely identifiable  source that has committed more than one past misdeed against SVLUG.

     Let a competent person who can get the job done run things, Mr Reiber. It took under a day and seems much better than the committees output so far. Immensely better than yours - literally INFINITELY so because you had 6 mo. so apparently we found yet another thing you can't do even with help. Let alone the spectacular amount of good advice from various sources you've ignored over time. When I initially joined  svlug I witnessed the situation your in now. I observed the similarity to ancient chinese law. He quit and lacking viewable bylaws that say you don't have to, you must also! He at least had some bylaws somewhere to reference. Heathers email from the thursday meeting about operating a group without bylaws dovetails nicely here, against your claim/s. ( A confusing situation for me as she was an sbay.org president but individuals do occasionally consipre against their  own or other groups . ) Pity you dismissed the idea of any limits on your power lacking viewable
 bylaws, you could have fixed it in under a day,  you could have had protections from our prior traditions but demanding infinite power implies infinite responsibility.   Oh, I forgot - "I take no responsibility", Paul Reiber. Amazing how long the secret project has taken that denied the volunteers the resources the donor intended for the purpose of the now plenty angry volunteers using them to serve email for the group. I have to wonder if it was an attempt to deliberately waste their time or make them look bad vs some needlessly capable rig wasting vast resources to support less capable administration.  Does this mythical project exist at all? I overheard you complaining about others not doing enough to the hardware over there. Only, I'm not stupid, I bet you leaked that near me deliberately to try to fool me into thinking you didn't know before your election speech where you claimed many unspecified great things were just around the corner. Your either so reckless we
 can't afford you or prevaricate. I hope you feel some fraction of the extreme anger you caused the volunteers who asked me to stand against you for elections. But given that you literally challenged me  Kilgore Starslayer Excelsior ( Excelsior means shredded newspaper. ) to stand in an election against you shows your total inability to deal with LUG business. We had the election and you claimed to barely win, I do have ears.  Post election you admitted the theft of a server to the general list. Why should anyone respect your so called election? You even missed the svglug part of my post, or egomaniacally considered it a mistake. Please quit damaging our LUG by pretending to be president in violation of both the bylaws and their lack. It's  about Democracy and Delegation, not Damage ( group reputation) and Denigrate ( the volunteers ) . Given how spectacularly dishonest you've been, it might serve the group best to ask the donor to file theft charges should you refuse to
 quit damaging the LUG in this manner. I'm stepping down at EBLUG having successfully groomed Kam because our donor occasionally has mental difficulty with the idea that the LUG president is not their server guy, plus its too far. To be fair I must state your great at lying to the electorate. 

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