[volunteers] Emergency Constitutional Bylaws, rev1. - Kilgore

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 17:42:37 PST 2007

Bzzzt.  How about this... "No person sans authority shall proclaim
jack squat regarding SVLUG's operation".

Back off, Bruce - You're SO so fixated on your goal of helping SVLUG
to remove it's current President that it's affected your ability to
think straight.  Mark W. resigned from the VP role for personal
reasons, nothing more - and your implication that the volunteers have
revolted is just plain ridiculous.  I've done a bit of house-cleaning,
sure, but SVLUG's volunteer efforts are proceeding more strongly than
ever before, quite the opposite of your contention.

SVLUG has no "Mandate from Heaven", no preclusion of _any_ person,
whether associated with sbay.org or any other organization, from being
an officer, and absolutely no need to implement crazy-assed voting

Further, SVLUG has no need for "help" in the form of content
"licensed" in such a fashion that people can't even reply to it in the
traditional cut-n-paste fashion.  You've precluded people from even
commenting on parts of what you've written because they have to copy
the whole pile of B.S. in it's "whole form only".  As a friend of mine
is fond of saying, "Good luck with that!"

As an aside, you post has introduced an interesting consideration -
_can_ anyone, simply by stating they're doing so, compel readers of
the SVLUG lists to comply with "licenses" on their words?  For
example, am I now truly required to refrain henceforth, sans your
permission, from using the terminology "Purpose, vision and mission
statement:" simply because it comprises a part of what you've said
you've licensed?  I don't buy that baloney for one minute... and hope
others will concur.

Back to the issue - are you even making SENSE right now with what
you've written.  IMO, your post was disturbingly fragmented, neither
cohesive nor logically consistent, and definitely inflammatory and
ad-hominem.  Nothing at all like what we're trying as a group to

It's apparent to me that your mere attendance at last night's meeting
has you feeling that you can now make proclamations about emergency
bylaws and such - you've either gone completely off the deep end, or
making some sort of a disturbingly sick joke right now.

In this light... are you really expecting me or anyone else in SVLUG
to take your input seriously?

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