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bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 14 16:33:32 PST 2007

Available only in whole form. All rights reserved, Bruce Coston. Permission to adopt, reproduce or use in whole form only. Reproduction of any part without express prior written permission of Bruce Coston strictly forbidden. 
[ Not actually a new form of liscense. And very appropriate for the emergency. ]

A set of Emergency Constitutional Bylaws for this group:
[ It's here to prevent problems. Thats why it looks " silly ". ]

    Purpose, vision and mission statement : Promote Gnu-Linux.
[ Do you really need more ?  good for svglug too.]
    Counterintuitive rules:
Never seperate out a politics mailing list.
[ An informed polity being necessary for meaningful elections. ]

Preserve the "Mandate of Heaven" rule, especially when the bylaws are "not available for viewing". 
[ If the president loses a substantial fraction of volunteers and the board of 6, formerly his vice president, especially if it hurts the mailing list - the president must resign and sit out at least the formerly traditional 2 year cycle. ]

Use the "Elephant Gun" of Lesser Independance of Irrelevant Alternatives compliant voting whenever slightly reasonable.
[ Not doing it normally, using say an online calculator, leaves one out of the habit during an emergency requiring a most accurate vote counting algorithm. As spectacularly witnessed during a mission statement session re: a SVLUG constitutional bylaws session. It works great at considering several informed packagings of complex alternatives. ] 

Never allow a member of sbay.org or affiliates to serve as an officer. Also prefer majority over margins condorcet compliant methods and use the random ballot tie - breaker.
[ Past attacks on SVLUG governance and the specious claim on their site 11/2007 that they were once the parent organizatio of SVLUG; owning 100% of a 0% interest still = 0. Briefly fooling past presidents changes nothing. No I won't try to save you from ballot stuffing. ]

You don't need a treasurer or bank account to promote free software.
[ It's often more efficient not to waste $n per year this way. ] 

An administration that appears to work despite violating these bylaws does not disprove them.
[ Nor should obvious falsehood of a statements converse, invalidate the statement itself - even in technical documentation for average consumers. ]

    A board of 6 shall be elected for a year using condorcet methods and preferrence ballots given enough candidates. They will use Parliamentary Procedure with "move to set time and place of next meeting" as the highest priority definately above adjournment. 
[ This is not "too much politics" as attempts to avoid "politics" caused occasional massive "explosions" previously. And this develops future leadership. Recommend simplifying procedure to make move, 2nd, table and debate apply to everything.. ]  

    They may remove their President or members with a 2/3 vote or change these bylaws nullifying the old liscense.

    Spectacularly intuitive rules we shouldn't need to state:
Recommending someone end a computer problem by destroying useful installed software will get one expelled and incur financial liabilities, especially per seat liscense fees. 
[ Don't recommend format c: or its dd equivalent unless your sure its safe or spectactularly wealthy to cover all financial consequences of your terrorism. [ Yes its terrorism according to a proposal the senator from microsoft tm killed once because its their standard practice. ]]

It's strictly forbidden to discharge machine guns or nuclear weapons during meetings.
[ or similar ]

preserving the Mandate of Heaven

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