[volunteers] [svlug] Voting, etc., was Governance Meeting Reminder

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 11:10:48 PST 2007

All... PLEASE... let's move/keep this discussion over here on the
VOLUNTEERS list, not the MAIN list?  Please?

It's up to _each_ and _every_ one of us to try and remember:
   "svlug at lists.svlug.org" - for LINUX stuff
   "volunteers at lists.svlug.org" - for group and organizational issues

...and that means "even if/when the guy you're responding to
accidentally (or not) broke that rule" as well.

OK... enough said... on to more important matters.

On Fri, 14 Dec 2007 09:35:19 -0800, Warren Turkal wrote:
> The more I look over Robert's Rules of Order, the more it makes sense to me.

Warren - I agree that roberts rules of order are quite sensible.
http://www.robertsrules.org/ is a good read.

I've affected significant change and improvement, in organizations
much larger than SVLUG, _without_ having to be on the B.O.D. or
otherwise be a power-player in the organization, by leveraging
Robert's Rules properly.  They rock, in short.  Robert's rules are a
_tremendous_ asset to anyone wishing to similarly affect change in

Last night, we decided it was sensible to spend quite a long time
considering the difference between "majority vote" and "consensus
based" approach to things - solely because one individual brought that
proposal to the group.

It's certainly just as sensible to take the time to consider RRoO as an option.

We should consider RRoO not just to aid the current member-group
working on "governance" issues, but as a significant part of the
"solution" we'll eventually be proposing to the SVLUG membership.

Last night's conversation left me wondering, what was really the goal
of that member get-together - was it to organize itself and chew
through the work of making a proposal to SVLUG, or was it to make sure
everyone in the room's opinion was heard?  Which was the primary goal?

Again - PLEASE - let's get ALL these threads OFF the main list - PLEASE?

Thanks guys!  Pleasure working with all of you last night.
-Paul Reiber
President, SVLUG

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