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Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 01:07:04 PST 2007

Greetings, SVLUG volunteers... I'm confused by the following
and would very much appreciate your advice regarding responding.

I have no idea what a "Mandate of Heaven" is referring to - do any of you?

Also - AFAIK, when I was elected, there _was_ no other party even running;
did I miss something? Did I win an election against Bruce that I don't even

I'm at wits end here... help?

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From: bruce coston <jane_ikari at yahoo.com>
Date: Dec 14, 2007 12:45 AM
Subject: yes you ARE confused
To: reiber at gmail.com

Given your lying by selectively admitting parts of posts.
And you seem to have even forgotten that the volunteers put me up
against you for President. Thanks also for filibustering the bylaws
meeting in a relatively polite way.   EBLUG already saw me handle
things under pressure as their president. You hid behind the lack of
viewable bylaws on this very list and maybe you didn't know about the
pre-bylaws traditions including the "Mandate of Heaven" as it was
called when your predecessor resigned. You really did "lose the
constitution"'s protection - assuming they didn't include an explicit
"Mandate of Heaven" part in it. These circumstances duplicate those. I
call on you to quit damaging the LUG as your predecessor ceased to
damage the SVLUG.

this early comment of yours = most telling

..I've accepted no responsibility ..... limited resources at
SVLUG's disposal across the various volunteer efforts.... caustic
attitude and high-horse perspective make it hard ... to extract any
value from your wor... so I'm sorry, but I can't
actually thank you properly for your input at this point.

You've _always_ been free to run for SVLUG office - so any time

 [ Reapplying this to paul, only losing the " Mandate of Heaven "
precludes Paul from becoming an officer for at least the old standard
2yr. cycle - . ]

you think you're ready to do a better job, just step up to the plate,
and run, and we'll see how you manage things under pressure.
-pbr... [ risking redundancy ]

> his vp quit along with a substantial fraction of the volunteers he
> abdicated. ... forced to rely on our traditions.
> Failing to put a real set of bylaws in place in time cost you your right to
> continue damaging the group. The fact that you even hid behind the lack of a
> constitution astounds me. I certainly do not act like that at EBLUG. ...  I have a bunch of saved mail
> that never got here.... "sunshine is the best disinfectant".... I certainly experience
> extreme reluctance donating anything to this administration - except the
> advice to resign according to the default traditions of the group your
> subject to without a surviving set of constitutional bylaws. ...
> nothing to say to you in private. I see you didn't post the piece I dared
> you to reply to when harassing me offlist. I will not respond to any mail
> from you offlist.

Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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