[volunteers] [svlug] SVLUG server - any ideas? (fwd)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Dec 13 14:55:34 PST 2007

Quoting Paul Reiber (reiber at gmail.com):

> Practices only happen when people implement them.

And are not prevented by you.

I'll bet you're very surprised to see me responding, following your
transporting of the thread over to Volunteers, since you'd intended that I
be silently _removed_ from this mailing list without explanation to
the membership, and thus you thought you'd be able to just post here without
anyone being able to figure out why I was letting your allegations pass
in silence.

(Folks, he's progressed to the next stage, and is now vanishing people
from mailing lists.)

> Regarding backchannels and secrecy...  There's nothing quite as fun as
> watching slow progress on an important project get turned into
> secrecy.

Sorry, this point isn't even debatable, and I figure I don't even need
to start posting for the membership's information the backchannel
threats you've been sending via private mail.

> I've said that before, and I'll say it again - it's not a secret
> project, it's what Brie's been slated to do since day one.

You know, the sad thing is, it's possibly you do believe this, despite
everyone from Lisa to Darlene to me telling you otherwise in detail.
Evidence suggests that you might simply conveniently forget things, and
then are absolutely certain of things that are not so -- e.g., your
having the nerve to tell Strata Chalup and all the attendees at the
November meeting that you had _not_ fired Darlene, which of course you
_did_ do, right on the public record:

   Please note that I've had to weather the unpleasantness of
   dismissing Darlene Wallach from service as an SVLUG volunteer.
   I welcome Darlene to continue to attend SVLUG events - as a "member"
   only, though.
   Please politely decline any offers of help which Darlene might

> Good job of laying down communications fabric just how _you_ decided was
> appropriate, sans officer-level preferences being taken into consideration.

Once again, I'm obliged to ask for (but probably not receive) your
immediate public apology for this claim, since I took Volunteers public 
_specifically_ in coordination with you and Mark Weisler.

And so on.  Sorry, I have limited time for rebutting this sort of used
cow food.

> Mr. Moen... SVLUG's everyone's

On the evidence, it's lately been a progressively shrinking, fumbling
autocracy.  Congratulations.

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