[volunteers] [svlug] SVLUG server - any ideas? (fwd)

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 14:34:18 PST 2007

Rick - first, good job of not moving this to the Volunteers list like
people have
been asking us to do.  I'll do that myself now... it's up to _you_
alone whether
you keep it this way and stop posting non-linux-stuff to the main list.

> Actually, to refresh your memory:  Early in your administration, with
> your and Mark Weisler's blessing, I made a particular point of
> _eradicating_ the worst practices of the previous administration,
...in your mind, not mine...
> notably its tendency towards backchannel hypercontrol, pointlessly
> excessive secrecy, and disempowering of volunteers.

Practices only happen when people implement them.  Of _course_ I approved of
you not undertaking practices you were saying you didn't approve of!
That wasn't
buying into some grand scheme of yours or anything - it was common sense.

Regarding backchannels and secrecy...  There's nothing quite as fun as watching
slow progress on an important project get turned into secrecy.

We're putting the moin and whatever virtualization harness we can get
flying into
Brie... and as soon as that's done and working, it'll go back into Via.net.

I've said that before, and I'll say it again - it's not a secret
project, it's what Brie's
been slated to do since day one.

Rick, if you wish to, go bitch at the volunteers who've been
responsible for delays
on these various projects yourself.  I'm not gonna!  Instead, I found
other volunteers
who were willing to pony up, and together, we're moving things
forward.  And we're
doing so without even disenfranchising the volunteers who've been moving slowly.

> 1.  I found and removed all of the prior ten years of backroom banning
> and silencing of members, making sure ejections were aimed at spammers
> only [...]

More evidence that all admin should be done w/ a "pair programming"
mentality, with
multiple people knowing what's happening to what parts of the system
as it happens.
...by the way, that's _not_ something that needs an archived list and
public review;
it's something two _volunteers_ do with each other to coordinate properly.

> [...] I unearthed the real story of what had caused Alvin Oga to
> be briefly banned years ago (he'd killfiled the listadmin), and
> reassured him that all of that had been rooted out and was long gone.

Hrm... you helped him past his misconceptions, much as I've had to do
more than a few times.  OK...

> 2.  I reversed the prior administration's decision to create Volunteers
> as a non-public mailing list.  It was difficult to do this without
> breaking our implied privacy promise to those who'd posted earlier, but
> I found a way, by duplicating the list configuration, naming the
> existing archive "volunteers-old" and disabling posting to it but not
> otherwise changing its policies, while making the _new_ Volunteers list
> fully public going forward.  This made us seem (and be) more public and
> accountable, and enabled other LUGs elsewhere to observe how we dealt
> with our problems.

Good job of laying down communications fabric just how _you_ decided was
appropriate, sans officer-level preferences being taken into consideration.

> 3.  Any communication from the listadmin would always be marked as
> wearing the listadmin "hat" (role), so nobody would confuse a
> listadmin's personal opinion with an official pronouncement.

If you think when I say "this posting's not appropriate for the list" I'm
doing it with my President's hat on, I'm sorry, you're wrong... I've got
my listadmin hat on then.  And when I say, "Hi, I'm Paul Reiber, President
of SVLUG, and I'd like you to help us", I _dont_ have my listadmin hat on
then... I've got my President's hat on then.  Any questions?

> The prior administration's frequent practice of threatening people about
> violation of non-existent rules via private mail was to utterly cease,
> and good riddance.

This was a proclamation, or initiative you somehow implemented?  Interesting...

Rule violations aren't the issue most of the time - common courtesy
is, for the most part.

>  Then, I proved I was serious, by consistently doing all of that, exactly as stated.

Just the kind of volunteers we need... flexible, responsive, and
helpful.  I'm now sure
I made the right decision recently.

Mr. Moen... SVLUG's everyone's, not just yours... and if there's one
last thing I _ever_
do for SVLUG, it'll be to drive that point home to you.

SVLUG's doing things you may or may not approve of.  Get over it -
it's not up to you
whether we go out and help local schools, if we fund projects, if we
do educational efforts
with sponsors the way the _rest_ of the world wants them done, or even
if we keep doing
what we've been doing as our previous "core competencies".  It's
simply not up to you.

If you want SVLUG to run the way _you_ think it should... PLEASE, run
for President, see
if others concur, and then do it your way.

Otherwise, help us introduce a wiki, virtualization platform,
educational initiatives, and who
knows what else, going forward... or get the hell out of the way so we
can do it without you.

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