[volunteers] SVLUG server - any ideas?

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 16:33:31 PST 2007

Hiya, Joe!    The server booted back up just fine - all's well for the

Looking at the messages that were on the console right as/when it hung
- I noticed nscd
had crashed - but for some reason we have it limited to core dump size
of 0, so there's
no way to tell why it crashed...  The logs are there, though... so
maybe some looking
around later will yield new clues.

The reason there _may_ very well be one or two new clue this time is
that I was able to sync
the disks with that magic-sysrq voodoo stuff that (for some reason,
which I'm fixing right now)
no-body seems to talk about much.

Evidently the "best" thing to do, failing anything else, with a hung
linux kernel is to try:
       "Alt-sysrq-s, then Alt-sysrq-u, then Alt-sysrq-b"

I took a look at the registers and locks and stuff too, just to see
what they did.
They... dumped out densely packed lines of meaningless hex data, for
the most part.

Well... it's up again... could  stay that way for another 10 minutes
or 10 years, hard to say.

Thanks again, Joe, for all you've done over the years, helping not just
SVLUG but the entire community.

Best regards,
-Paul Reiber,
SVLUG's chief bottle-washer

On Dec 6, 2007 1:14 PM, joe mcguckin <Joe at via.net> wrote:
> paul,
> I'm stuck at home dealing with a minor emergency here. If you could
> drop by the office and look at it, that would probably be quicker.
> Joe McGuckin
> ViaNet Communications
> joe at via.net
> 650-207-0372 cell
> 650-213-1302 office
> 650-969-2124 fax
> On Dec 6, 2007, at 11:11 AM, Paul Reiber wrote:
> > ...any ideas?  I'm about to go on a lunch break - should I swing by?
> > Give me a call if you'd like...
> > Thanks!
> > -Paul

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