Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 12:42:52 PST 2007

On Dec 3, 2007 2:51 AM, Jason Shupe <jshupe at d13.com> wrote:

> Attempting to use a poll in an official capacity, after suspending a
> volunteer for attempting to use a poll in an unofficial capacity.

Pardon me, Jason...  Do you have a day job?  Or is this the only fun
you get to have?

Volunteers and officers are more than just permitted to poll the
membership - they're
EXPECTED to!  According to many of you, officers should only make decisions
after asking the membership, right?  Isn't that what I've been hearing
left and right?

So... I'll poll the membership anytime it makes sense, thank you!
Or... should I poll
the membership to see if that's OK with them first, before polling
them ?!?!?  Jeesh...

Regarding Darlene - I moderated Darlene's posting ability - no
suspension - just moderation,
based on the inappropriate nature of her recent words and actions.
I'm not trying to villify her
in any way, contrary to some claims, but I'm also not standing down
from my contention
that she was out of line.  Consider the senseless nature of what she
wrote, and consider what
you'd do if you were in my shoes, LONG AND HARD, before passing
judgement (if you feel
that you must pass judgement on others, for whatever reason).

Darlene penned a posting which stated, incorrectly, that I, the
President of SVLUG, "proposed"
something to HER, a volunteer with absolutely NO regular involvement
on SVLUG's server
admin team.  This action was totally inappropriate and uncalled for;
she was abusing both
her position as a volunteer and the trust we'd placed in her.

"A proposal has been made" ???   ...why in goodness name would anyone,
especially SVLUG's
President, make a proposal like that to a volunteer who's not even
working on admin?
Darlene's own mistrust issues got in the way of her better judgement,
and I moderated
her not for polling the membership but for stirring things up in a
totally inappropriate fashion.

In many ways this was a "no win" for me - do nothing, watch her stir
up even more
inappropriate discussion... or, moderate her postings and pay a different price.

There are STILL people on this list who think that I've got some sort
of agenda that involves,
for some inexplicable reason, outsourcing SVLUG's services - I've
NEVER proposed that
we do that - only that we should definitely avail ourselves of
services beyond what SVLUG
manages itself.

For example, Warren's use of a shared google document a few days ago is TOTALLY
ACCEPTABLE - any SVLUGgers who refuse to connect to Google for whatever reasons
can email me their input and I'll do my best to ensure it's
incorporated.  A few people's reluctance
to connect to and use these services is NOT a good enough reason to
stop using them.

Oh, wait... should I put it up to a poll whether we should let people
trying to help us use tools
other than the ones we host on our own servers?    Jeesh!

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