[volunteers] [svlug] Linux to Politics ratio

Lisa svlug at flygirl.com
Sun Dec 2 08:58:50 PST 2007

On Sun, Dec 02, 2007 at 12:21:01AM -0800, Rick Moen wrote:

> The plan agreed to at Black Angus was, therefore, Phase One,
> to replicate the Web site (less Mailman Web pages) at Linode
> -- except, substituting on the fly the MoinMoin conversion.  I
> _hoped_ we would de-complicate that task by scrapping J. Paul
> Reed's pointless[2] insistance on wikification (now that he'd
> left office), but somehow my reminders that the justifications
> for the project _made no sense_ fell on deaf ears, so to my
> dissatisfaction and dismay we proceeded with Reed's
> wikification plan.
> Note that Lisa Corsetti took the initiative to _also_ simply
> copy and reimplement the existing Web site to Linode -- which
> I applaud but was not the (rather bad) plan agreed to at Black
> Angus.  That instance of the Web site is available today. 
> It's done.  It works.[3] At the time that Lisa did it, I did
> not criticise her for it -- it was in fact what I thought was
> the sane alternative -- but I did remind her that it wasn't
> what we agreed to at Black Angus.

Agreed 100%... I did it (a) because I was curious if it COULD be
done as easily as I thought and (b) I liked the idea at the
time, given the "flakiness" of the main server, of having it
as, at least, a backup web server that, if updated slight, could
serve as the server (so to speak) if the other task had major
problems (stalled?) or the main server died in the interim.

> Phase Two:  Use the VA Linux 2230 box at Via.net to create a
> Mailman and SMTP host, copy over the Mailman and Exim mbox
> files and the Mailman list definitions and subscriber lists,
> regenerate the archives (preferably incorporating for the
> first time the pre-Mailman majordomo archive that has been
> preserved but never webified), and cut over the DNS for
> "lists.svlug.org" and "svlug.org" to it, shorting TTL in
> advance to reduce caching problems.

This is, to the best of my memory, without going back and
looking at emails, exactly what I recall as the agreed upon plan
as well.

> In January, Lisa got Linode to pump up the allocated resources
> from 80MB RAM to 256 MB, and disk from 3072 MB to (IIRC) 8 GB
> (or maybe 5 GB, would have to check).  _That's_ a more
> reasonable machine, though, actually, my extremely careful
> work with NSD (for nameservice) and lighthttp/FastCGI/MoinMoin
> suggested that we'd be able to operate reasonably even within
> 80MB / 3072MB, if we kept Mailman and SMTP somewhere else.

Exactly, and that why that amount was asked for --- because it was
reasonable for using it for what I was authorized to commit to
using it for --- the primary web server.

>> Of course moving the website alone is not worth not doing....
> It _is_ worth doing as Phase One.  See above.

That was my assertion... even if it is *just* moving it in the
form in which it exists on the linode server today --- though if
we are going wiki and could do so *quickly* that might make
sense as well (as was the original approved plan).

> [3] At the risk of sounding picky, I believe Lisa ignored my
> careful use of minimal software and implemented the site using
> Apache2 -- with which she was more familiar, as am I -- rather
> than lighthttpd.  Given that the site is RAM-constrained, I
> think this deviation from standards should be corrected. 
> Also, it should be noted for completeness that the three Perl
> CGI things and one Java thing are (I believe) not yet
> implemented there.

Correct in terms of the CGI and Java, but incorrect as far as
apache.  It took a while, but I learned how to get PHP working
with lighthttpd --- which was a fun experience, exactly the kind
of thing that I expect to get out of svlug (getting my hands
dirty, as it were) --- and so, AFAIK, the entire system uses
lighttpd as was clearly intended.


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