[volunteers] [svlug] Linux to Politics ratio

Lisa svlug at flygirl.com
Sat Dec 1 18:58:54 PST 2007

On Sat, Dec 01, 2007 at 04:20:25PM -0800, Paul Reiber wrote:

> Sorry, but that was a group strategy, not an bargain,
> agreement, or commitment between Linode and SVLUG.  And at the
> time, the effort was contingent on whether they'd even agree
> to bump up the memory.

No.  I remember specifically remember asking if I could COMMIT
to that and getting unamaous agreement --- I wouldn't do so,
otherwise, since my word is *very* important to me.

Others present at the meeting remember the same (I have asked if
I was crazy or not) which is, again, why Rick felt the need to
defend me to Linnode.

> YES - moving _ALL_ the services currently handled on svlug.org
> onto the Linode - TODAY - would be an AWESOME thing.  But if
> we can't physically power off the existing SVLUG server after
> that migration, however, we're worse off than before.

I disagree.  My opinion is that, if the mail and the webserver
are on two different machines we are *better* off because if the
most unreliable machine we have dies, we still have the
webserver running (where we can explain why the mailing list is
down) and, if linnode crashes (doubtful that that would happen
for long), we'd have the mailing list to explain why the website
is down.  Whereas, as it is now, if the most unreliable machine
we have dies, we lose BOTH.

> I.e. MAILMAN and EMAIL and spam filtering and whatever else is
> running on our old host all needs to move - not just the
> website.

That would be nice, but I think 1/2 is better than nothing. 
Wouldn't it make sense to get some other opinions on this?

> Well, heck.  "Wait for the Wiki" came solely from my
> reasonable goal of helping volunteers ensure they don't waste
> their time and efforts.

As opposed to using the time I'd already spent (admittedly, on
my own, for the helluva it) as well as getting our website off a
machine (many moons ago) that's believed to be a VERY flaky

What I recall is that the answer always was, in full
(paraphrased): Wait for the wiki... it should be REAL soon now.

> We want to replace the existing static,
> log-in-to-edit-files-from-the-command-line website solution
> with a wiki for obvious reasons.  If you can get MoinMoin
> working beside all the _OTHER_ stuff our site needs, all
> inside a Linode host... well, GO FOR IT!

I think that, while that may be an admirable goal, getting our
website onto a more reliable machine as opposed to a flakey
machine, by someone who had already done 90% of the work, was
not worth NOT doing just because it isn't "everything we want."

> The MoinMoin will SOMEDAY come about... and we'll host it
> somewhere, as wiki.svlug.org maybe, and hook it up to the
> "main website" after it's up and working.

In that case, as Rick has mentioned many times, they don't even
NEED to be on the same machine.  And, as Mark has mentioned
several times (a while ago), it'd be nice if the main site were
on a very reliable machine and then we could do wiki-type stuff
on an experimental machine -- such as the VM host that you seem
to love the thought of so much.  I always liked that idea, but
it was always rejected.

>> That is why Rick felt a need to defend me to linnode --- a
>> gesture that I value tremendously, especially given that I am
>> a customer of theirs and need to have an ongoing relationship
>> with them.
> That's cool - I understand - but I still think all the SVLUG
> related email from you and Rick to Linode should be CC'd to
> either the volunteers list or to at least one SVLUG officer.

This was not done exclusively via email.  This was done
partially via phone a few days after Black Angus exactly as I
said I would do it.  No one asked for CC's on any emails... I
said I would let everyone know when it was done, and I did (via

> No objection whatsoever!  However, please ensure that
> everything SVLUG's website does today still works after that -
> mailman, spam filtering, etc - and please share how you're
> intending to assure that.

The mailing list does not have to move.  I am not an expert on
mailing lists.  If that's a *requirement* of the move (which, as
I said, doesn't make sense to me --- I'd rather NOT have "all
our eggs in one basket") then I guess we stay on the machine
that most experts in our group would not be surprised to see DIE
totally any day now.  *shrug*

> Thanks, Lisa, for speaking up, even though you were a little
> uncomfortable.

I was more speaking up about my justification for the
committment -- I was authorized and didn't think I needed the
authorization in writing... I didn't think that SVLUG was that
kind of group.  But, as I said, ask others who were there...
more than one has confirmed the accuracy of my memory.


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