[volunteers] [svlug] Linux to Politics ratio

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 16:20:25 PST 2007

On Dec 1, 2007 3:41 PM, Lisa <svlug at flygirl.com> wrote:
> I keep wanting to not be in on this, but things keep getting
> said that I, unfortunately being not strong enough to just "let
> it go," feel a need to respond to

I'm sorry if this is disturbing to you, Lisa - that's never been my intent.

You and I (and the other volunteers) should go for a beer sometime soon.

> The bargain that Rick is referring to is the one that *everyone*
> at Black Angus agreed to and which I, with the authority given
> to me at that meeting, agreed to on behalf of SVLUG --- that
> they would give us a more capable virtual server and that we
> would use it as, and publicly acknowledge its use as, our
> PRIMARY web server, in short order.

Sorry, but that was a group strategy, not an bargain, agreement, or
commitment between Linode and SVLUG.  And at the time, the effort
was contingent on whether they'd even agree to bump up the memory.

YES - moving _ALL_ the services currently handled on svlug.org
onto the Linode - TODAY - would be an AWESOME thing.  But if we
can't physically power off the existing SVLUG server after that
migration, however, we're worse off than before.

I.e. MAILMAN and EMAIL and spam filtering and whatever else is running
on our old host all needs to move - not just the website.

> I ported our existing site over to that machine as a backup plan
> for any delay in the proposed wiki-ish website.  But, as that
> didn't happen, any comments I made regarding attempts move to
> that system as our primary system were always met with "wait for
> the wiki" which I now understand is NOT intended to be run on
> that system.

Well, heck.  "Wait for the Wiki" came solely from my reasonable goal
of helping volunteers ensure they don't waste their time and efforts.

I've since given up on trying to ensure that people don't waste their time.

We want to replace the existing static,
website solution with a wiki for obvious reasons.  If you can get
MoinMoin working beside all the _OTHER_ stuff our site needs, all
inside a Linode host... well, GO FOR IT!

The MoinMoin will SOMEDAY come about... and we'll host it somewhere,
as wiki.svlug.org maybe, and hook it up to the "main website" after
it's up and working.

That strategy works for me - it's more work for the team as a whole,
but if you're all OK with that, hey, go for it.

> In other words, I made an agreed upon committment which the
> president and vice-president of SVLUG gave me the authority to
> do... and gave my word on it.  And it is a committment that
> SVLUG has not carried through.

We can decommission svlug.svlug.org as soon as working replacements exist.

Go for it!  I'm truly sorry if i've given the opinion that I don't
want the Linode effort to happen - I do!  It can host svlug.org
tomorrow if we're able to make it so.

> That is why Rick felt a need to defend me to linnode --- a
> gesture that I value tremendously, especially given that I am a
> customer of theirs and need to have an ongoing relationship with
> them.

That's cool - I understand - but I still think all the SVLUG related email
from you and Rick to Linode should be CC'd to either the volunteers list
or to at least one SVLUG officer.

> Okay, so then I take it there would be no objection if I were to
> clean up the website on linnode and point to it as our main
> website (assuming I can find the time TO do it now --- work has
> gotten much busier).

No objection whatsoever!  However, please ensure that everything
SVLUG's website does today still works after that - mailman, spam
filtering, etc - and please share how you're intending to assure that.

Thanks, Lisa, for speaking up, even though you were a little uncomfortable.

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