[volunteers] [svlug] Linux to Politics ratio

Lisa svlug at flygirl.com
Sat Dec 1 15:41:53 PST 2007

I keep wanting to not be in on this, but things keep getting
said that I, unfortunately being not strong enough to just "let
it go," feel a need to respond to

On Sat, Dec 01, 2007 at 03:14:57PM -0800, Paul Reiber wrote:

> If someone donates a computer or other resource, with hopes
> it'll help us with some particular project, great, but if that
> resource doesn't get used for that project, SVLUG's done
> NOTHING wrong.
>> As it happens, an employee of Linode volunteered to me they'd
>> already noticed that we weren't honouring our end of the
>> bargain, but, he commented, "Reiber's administration can't
>> last forever".
> What bargain???  I made no bargain with Linode!  Hell, they've
> not even had the courtesy to introduce themselves to me!  ALL
> I ever said was that I'd TRY to accomodate their
> VM-as-a-managed-service model into what we're doing.

The bargain that Rick is referring to is the one that *everyone*
at Black Angus agreed to and which I, with the authority given
to me at that meeting, agreed to on behalf of SVLUG --- that
they would give us a more capable virtual server and that we
would use it as, and publicly acknowledge its use as, our
PRIMARY web server, in short order.

I ported our existing site over to that machine as a backup plan
for any delay in the proposed wiki-ish website.  But, as that
didn't happen, any comments I made regarding attempts move to
that system as our primary system were always met with "wait for
the wiki" which I now understand is NOT intended to be run on
that system.

In other words, I made an agreed upon committment which the
president and vice-president of SVLUG gave me the authority to
do... and gave my word on it.  And it is a committment that
SVLUG has not carried through.

That is why Rick felt a need to defend me to linnode --- a
gesture that I value tremendously, especially given that I am a
customer of theirs and need to have an ongoing relationship with

>> and asked that they please not blame Lisa Coresetti
>> and Micah Dowty, who'd negotiated the sponsorship,
>> and did so in good faith.  He said they would not.
> So... now SVLUG sponsors get to hold SVLUG accountable?  I
> keep learning about new responsibilities and authorities
> within SVLUG that I wasn't aware of; this one takes the cake,
> though...

Explained above... and eveyone at that meeting agreed to the
committment.  In fact, I believe I documented it in subsequent
emails but, frankly, I don't think it'll make much of a
difference, so I am not going to ever bother to TRY to find said

> Here's the scoop.  Lisa, and you, and others in SVLUG, have
> been 100% FREE and ENCOURAGED to log onto the Linode host and
> make it DO stuff for SVLUG.
> I've never stopped anyone from using the Linode host for SVLUG!
> You've all simply REFRAINED from doing anything.  That's REALLY REALLY
> REALLY different than me stopping something from happening.

Not true.  Every time I suggested moving the current site to
linnode --- to meet our promise as well as, as many have phrased
it, "to get off the crappy about-to-die hardware," I was told to
wait for the "real" new website (moin moin).

> If you're so all-fired sure something needs to happen, either (1) do
> it yourself, or (2) find someone else to do it.

Okay, so then I take it there would be no objection if I were to
clean up the website on linnode and point to it as our main
website (assuming I can find the time TO do it now --- work has
gotten much busier).

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